Monday, February 3, 2014

January 27th Transfer

Dear Dad,
Thanks for the updates about the peso and things. It is good to know what´s going on. This week with my companion we have been contacting less active families and have actually found alot of them at home. It was way cool to see that there are people in this área that are nice. We haven´t had success finding new people that are willing to talk to us even for a minute. It´s been a bit sad and a lot funny. One other thing that happened this week that was a miracle is that one of the less active members of our Ward that hasn´t been to church in years went to church yesterday. That was a way happy momento ofr me. This week the biggest thing that I have seen is that the Lord Works in His own time and it´s usually after we´re about to give up. Because my companion and I have not been having a lot of success thus far finding people or being able to teach lessons. But, yesterday we had a really good day and things have been looking up this last week. I think that the work is going to progress here now and I am looking forward to see what people we can help. Thank you for sending me the King Follett discourse. I have been Reading that the last couple of days and it´s way cool and I am learning a lot. One of the interesting things that I have noticed is that our Ward misión leader has taught us a lot of the same things in the various different lessons we´ve had with him. It was way cool to see how that worked out. I love that brother. His name is Hermano Agüero. He knows the most about the góspel of any person that I have talked to and I always learn a ton visiting him. I love passing by his house to learn from him. That´s all for this week. Love you guys tons and hope everything is well with you.
Love, Michael

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