Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comodoro Centro

Dear Family,

The ward I am in is Comodoro Centro, the people in my district are Elder Smedley, Elder Soto, Hermana Tumbaico, Hermana Zanuttini and Elder Cardwell (my comp). And it is just great being a district leader. =) Love it.

Elder Cardwell
Nestor and Elder Cardwell
This week has been pretty fun for us. We had a lot of time talking to Nestor, the nearly blind and deaf recent convert. He´s a really cool guy. I love him a ton. He got a really bad cut on his hand this week and because he can´t see it he thinks that it´s totally fine but it really isn´t. So, we´ve been trying to take care of him and help with his hand so that´s been interesting. We also have a couple of other investigators that are doing really well. They are Gaston and Evelyn. Gaston has been listening to the missionaries for a while now and the only reason he isn´t baptized is because he has to get divorced and then married. So, it´s complicated but, we´re working with him on that. And he´s also been doing a lot more to try and get his family interested in the gospel too. It´s been a lot of fun to work with him and to help him get that all figured out. 
Elder Cardwell and Atlantic Ocean
Elder Sirrine overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Elder Sirrine

Comodoro Art
And Evelyn is amazing. We found her last week and she has already gotten a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She loves to read it. We also taught her on Sunday and her friend that was kind of against the church before helped us in the lesson to teach Evelyn and to help Evelyn find answers to her questions. It was a really cool lesson and I was really happy that Carol (the friend) Helped us out as much as she did. God definitely works through mysterious ways. 

Love y´all tons and hope you have a great week!


Monday, November 17, 2014

A Prophet Visits Comodoro

Dear Family,

Thanks for the package, I look forward to getting that around Christmas!

Well, this week has been kind of crazy. We had Elder Christofferson in Comodoro on Wednesday for the members and on Thursday for the missionaries and because my area is really close to the stake center my comp and I got asked to help out with chairs and ushering among other things. So we spent Monday night moving chairs to the stake center from other chapels because there wasn´t enough, that was fun I also saw a member family that I haven´t seen since I left Comodoro. They´re amazing people. And on Wednesday we spent nearly the whole day in the chapel helping to get everything cleaned and set up and then helping to usher people to seats. The worst part was that a couple of kids were running around the whole time making a scene. It got to the point that we forcibly kept one of them out of the room. My comp had a fight with him in the door too which was funny to watch but was terrible to have happen. But, despite all of that the meeting was really cool. Elder Christofferson talked to the members about the importance of the NAME of Christ, his wife talked about the Book of Mormon and the area president and his wife both talked about the sacrament. It was a really cool meeting to be in. And on Thursday we had our meeting as missionaries with Elder Christofferson. We had nearly the whole mission together. It was amazing. I saw a ton of people that I knew and got to talk to a lot of good friends.
Elder Christopherson Visits Comodoro Rivadavia Mission

In our meeting on Thursday Elder Christofferson answered questions. My favorite answer that he gave to us was to the question, "How can we stay happy and not get down when so many people reject us?" He answered with Romans 10 and told us that our calling is to give the people the opportunity to accept Christ and that when they reject us they are rejecting Him not us specifically. It was a really cool answer and I liked how he did it. The other really cool things that happened this week are that we have had three lessons now where we had planned to say something to another person but the people we visited were the ones that really needed it. It´s amazing to see how the Lord guides us in doing His work. Also, as a zone we had the goal to invite more than 12 people to be baptized this week and we invited 15. It was really cool to see that when we do as much as we can the Lord will give us the success. I went with my zone leader and we ran to an investigators house to invite him to church in the morning and then at 9 we did nearly the same to a different house to teach them and we were blessed with success. Some of his investigators came to church and we were able to invite a man to be baptised when the day was ending. It was definitely a testimony building experience for me and I know that the Lord will give us the success when we put all of our effort into acheiving what we have planned to do. Hope you all have an awesome week and i love you all tons!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Pray For Diego!

Dear Family,

Ushuaia District
First of all, I would love smaller shirts but I think I´ll be fine with whatever you´ve sent. I´m looking forward to getting my package on Christmas. 

Now, this week has been pretty intense. As you all know I got to Comodoro on Tuesday and from then til now I have done a ton. We have contacted a lot, visited people and done crazy things. The coolest experiences from this week are that I met Nestor, he´s a recent convert that is nearly blind and nearly deaf. He´s such an awesome person though. I am still surprised at all of the things that he can do and I totally love spending time in his house. My comp has a photo of us together so I´ll see if he can pass me that today or next week. Also, the weather here is really nice. The last couple of days it has been really windy and like 60´s and while everybody else is wearing a coat I´m walking around with just a long sleeved shirt. It´s a lot warmer here than in Ushuaia. And now it´s sunny too and I am really happy for that. I missed the sun. 

Bus Trip During Transfers Elder Tingey on right

Bus Trip with one of the Hermanas

Sunset During Bus Trip to Comodoro

Sunset on way to Comodoro
I am still a district leader here and on Friday I got to meet all of my district. I have the zone leaders and a companionship of Hermanas. It´s really fun and I think that we are going to do great things this transfer. I am looking forward to it. Also, my zone is going to do a thanksgiving feast and play on the 1st of December to celebrate the holiday and to teach the latinoes why it´s such an important day. It´s gonna be fun. Also, I´m going to see Elder Cristofferson on Thursday when he comes to Comodoro to talk to all of the missionaries. I am su`per excited for that. And that´s really all for me this week. Oh! Pray for Diego. He´s an investigator that is hopefully going to be baptized on the 29th. He needs help to stay strong though and to feel good. Love you all tons and miss you lots!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back in Comodoro

From this week not much really happened. Elder Bartlett and I worked as much as we could in our area, I said goodbye to the members and some investigators and to Ushuaia. And on Saturday we went to a baptism in Andino (A branch in Ushuaia next to ours) and there the zone leaders told us the transfers. I´m going to, or I should say I am in Comodoro again. But I´m in a different part of the city. It´s gonna be fun to be back here and I look forward to it. Here´s probably where I´m going to be for Christmas too. That´s gonna be cool. Well, after a 27 hour bus ride I made it to Comodoro and now I´m ready to work. My new comp is Elder Cardwell and he seems like a really cool guy. I´m finishing his training and helping him learn the area. With the blind leading the blind (Both of us are new to this area) the Lord is sure to provide miracles. Hope you all have a great week and I love you tons!