Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comodoro Centro

Dear Family,

The ward I am in is Comodoro Centro, the people in my district are Elder Smedley, Elder Soto, Hermana Tumbaico, Hermana Zanuttini and Elder Cardwell (my comp). And it is just great being a district leader. =) Love it.

Elder Cardwell
Nestor and Elder Cardwell
This week has been pretty fun for us. We had a lot of time talking to Nestor, the nearly blind and deaf recent convert. He´s a really cool guy. I love him a ton. He got a really bad cut on his hand this week and because he can´t see it he thinks that it´s totally fine but it really isn´t. So, we´ve been trying to take care of him and help with his hand so that´s been interesting. We also have a couple of other investigators that are doing really well. They are Gaston and Evelyn. Gaston has been listening to the missionaries for a while now and the only reason he isn´t baptized is because he has to get divorced and then married. So, it´s complicated but, we´re working with him on that. And he´s also been doing a lot more to try and get his family interested in the gospel too. It´s been a lot of fun to work with him and to help him get that all figured out. 
Elder Cardwell and Atlantic Ocean
Elder Sirrine overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Elder Sirrine

Comodoro Art
And Evelyn is amazing. We found her last week and she has already gotten a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She loves to read it. We also taught her on Sunday and her friend that was kind of against the church before helped us in the lesson to teach Evelyn and to help Evelyn find answers to her questions. It was a really cool lesson and I was really happy that Carol (the friend) Helped us out as much as she did. God definitely works through mysterious ways. 

Love y´all tons and hope you have a great week!


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