Monday, March 2, 2015

Chapel Open House

Dear Family,

Thanks for the emails and the updates about the family. I really liked all of the pictures that you guys sent, y´all look great!

This week has been kind of fun for me. On Friday we did divisions with our zone leaders and I got to spend the day with my MTC comp (yeah, he´s my zone leader now) That was a lot of fun, on Saturday we had a chapel open house and my companion and I were dressed in our baptism clothes teaching the people about baptism. That was an awesome experience, you could really feel the spirit there with the open font. That was special. And on Sunday we had a birthday party for Nestor and we ate a LOT of cake. Seriously, it´s feast or famine and yesterday was a feast. I do not want to eat any more cake for a couple of days. And on Wednesday we have another party to go to so we´re gonna see how that turns out.
MTC Comp, Elder Tingey

My current favorite scripture is Alma 34 from 8 to about 17. It´s a really good scripture that has a lot of stuff in it about repentance and the atonement. I definitely learned a lot the last couple of weeks about both of those things. My personal study has been pretty awesome for a while. And that is really all that happened this week. My investigators are kind of the same as always, some are evasive, others don´t want to do much and so we keep looking. I am super ready for it to get colder though. I am kind of done with summer. And I really don´t know what I want in a package. I could probably use some new socks, and I really can´t think of anything else that I need right now. So, just send me whatever you want I would love to get anything.

Love you all tons!