Monday, February 24, 2014

Going to New Area - La Prensa in Comodoro Rivadavia

Dear Mom,
Goodbye to the Recedo Family
Sounds like you guys are having a good time there. Thanks for all the updates about the family. Today I´ll send you so you´ll have those today. I hope that Martin and family have a fun time in Moab and that they come back to the church. It would be way cool if they did. THe update for this week is that we found a less active member that is way cool and that I´m leaving this área. I get to go to Comodoro Rivadavia now and my área is La Prensa it´ll be interesting to see how all of the changes work out and to see what all Comodoro has to offer. OUtside of that the only other new thing is that I got a new pair of boots from a less active member and they are going to last me my entire misión. These boots are crazy durable and I love them a lot. That guy is an amazing person. Love you guys tons and wish you all the best.
Love, Michael

Goodbye to the Carota Family

Goodbye to Ringo

Chubut River
 Despedidas! Goodbyes! Family Carota and Racedo. Racedo is the one with the blue shirt and the other is Carota. The dog is Ringo

Dear Dad,
This week has been kind of crazy for me. We found a couple of new families and one of them is a single mom with three kids and the littlest one who is 4 can take a hit and not blink. She told us about her conversión experience and it was something else. She said that when she was getting to know the góspel she said the prayer to know if it was true and that night she Heard a voice say, " Here I am daughter. What do you want to know?" And from there she has a rock solid testimony. She knows that she needs to return and we´re going to visit her, or my companion will. This week I´m being transferred to Comodoro
Great find out hiking
Rivadavia. My companion is going to be a Peruano that has one transfer more than me in the field. It´s going to be really cool to get to know another city and to have new experiences. I´m sending you the fotos of the river and of the goodbyes I´ve said so you can have those. I´m really sad to leave my área but I look forward to the new one. I hope that Comodoro is as good to me as Trelew was. Also, my zone leader is going to be in the same zone as me but as a district leader so that´ll be really interesting. I´ll let you know what all happens next week. I head out at 11:30 tonight and I´ll get there at 4 in the morning. Crazy oficinistas. Love you guys tons!
Love, Michael

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