Thursday, February 6, 2014

Photos of Michael and New Compaion

Elder Sarmiento and Elder Sirrine
Elder Sirrine on shore of Trelew River
We received these photos the next day from Elder Sirrine's companion Elder Sarmiento. My new companion is Elder Sarmiento, he´s from Santiago, Chile, he is a convert to the church and used to drink a lot. He is an awesome missionary and has the gift to know the references and what the scriptures say. I do not have that gift. It´s been cool to learn how he works and how he thinks. We´ve been working a lot trying to track down less active members that we have on the list of members and it´s been frustrating to have people insult us, throw rocks or just not come outside when we know they´re there. But, things have been going well for us with this work and I love him. His interesting quirks are that he repeats himself a lot and that he does some things different. Like when he cooks he´s all over the place with food and stuff. I don´t think that I´ll have many problems with him this transfer which is awesome.

Trelew Norte and Puerto Madryn Zones

Trelew Norte Zone

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