Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014 - Baptismal Date Set

Dear Mom,

To start out I shined my shoes this week and washed them because they did look really sad and worn out. So, I think that they´ll last me longer now. Also, thanks for all of the updates about the family. I love hearing about how you guys are doing and what all is going on. It sounds like you all are having tons of fun. Things here for me are going really well too. We got invited to an Asado on Saturday with our investigator family and I ate intestines. They were actually pretty good, I think that you have to know how to cook them though. And I learned a lot about how crazy the people in my area are and how funny they can be. There are a lot of Gypsies in Argentina and some, most I think, are good but a lot of them break into and rob people´s houses. It was kind of interesting to hear that. I didn´t know that this area was that dangerous. I´ve never had problems here. Outside of that not a whole lot else has changed for us this week. Thanks for all your support and everything else. I love you guys tons!

Love, Michael
 Dear Dad,

Thanks for the email and the thought. It´s way cool to get the thoughts and updates from you guys. We have a tentative date for the 15th of March but they need to go to church three times first. The transfer ends on the 23rd, so I probably won´t see them be baptized. This week the cool things that happened were that we had an Asado with the Galdamez family. They´re our investigators. And that we had a couple of less active people come to church this Sunday that hadn´t been in a long time. It was way cool to see that the lessons we share with them have an effect. We also had a lot of lessons with members this week which was amazing because they were good lessons and because we haven´t had that before. On Monday we had a family home evening with one family and they invited some people that aren´t members to participate which was way cool. We talked about how families can be eternal and had a good spiritual lesson. And on Tuesday we started teaching one guy named Sergio who has lived in the street his whole life, been in and out of prison and has done just about everything that you can do. He´s a crazy person but now he´s calmed down a ton and we were able to gain his confidence. Now we´re good friends and have had a lot of fun times talking to him. This week we learned that the gypsies here sell their daughters in marriage and it´s a really tight contract. Sergio explained that the daughter and the son have to be in agreement and then the fathers get together and talk price. Afterwards they make the exchange and the marriage is binding and the daughter ends up being better off because the community is so tight that they can´t do any violence to their wives and she usually ends up in a better position than what she was in. I thought it was interesting to learn about how that culture is and I think that it is a pretty well thought out system. The other thing that I have learned this week is that one of the service missionaries here Elder Sirena has found our name in a list of the variations of his name. He told me that our name comes from Italy but is from the Vikings because they conquered that part of Italy or something like that. I thought it was interesting to learn about where our name possibly comes from and a little of the history there. That´s really about it for the week. Pretty normal and boring. Love you guys tons!

Love, Michael

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