Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014 Family accepts baptism challenge

Dear Dad,
I can read the Infinite Atonement. Thanks for all of the things that you guys are going to send me I look forward to getting them. Thanks for all of the updates about the world. I really love getting them. The updates from me this week are that we found a family of four that want to get baptized. It was the coolest experience. They have two sons that are 11 and 14 years old and all of them accepted baptismal dates. The mom needs to get married and to stop smoking but I think that they´ll be awesome. The mom really wants to stop smoking and the kids are way excited about baptism. As for my other investigator I don´t think that she´s really going to progress at all. She doesn´t really want to do anything and hasn´t really gotten a desire to go to church. So we´ll keep working with her but I don´t think that she´ll progress. Another cool thing that happened this week is that our family of investigators invited us to eat an Asado with them and I think that we´ll do that on Saturday. THey are way cool people. The dad is a carpenter that has his own shop and he does really well. And the rest of them are just Golden. They want to learn, want to be baptized and don´t like any other church. The mom also told us that they have been searching for a church for a long time but the kids need to make they´re own decisión so I think that they are really excited about this church. It´s way cool to see the miracles that happen when we work. We now are also working a lot with the members to reactivate the partially active families and have a couple of lessons set up this week with members and less actives. I think that this área is starting to progress now and I know that the Lord has his hand in this work. I look forward to see how things pan out this transfer. Also we had a meeting with Presidente this week. He taught us to aim high. Set your goals realistic but high and if you work your hardest the Lord will help you reach your goals. We also learned a couple of ways to improve our planning and they really work! Our week has been really good and I think that we will end this transfer on a good note. Also, I have a lot of add on thoughts this week. I ate Chori llana and it is one of the best foods I have eaten in my pension. The other new favorite food is Canelones those two foods are amazing! And last night when my companion was cooking he has a grease fire start in his pan and he had the funnist look on his face. That was a priceless experience. The mission is the best! Love you guys and miss you all tons! Have an awesome week.
Love, Michael

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