Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Divisions and the Chubut River

Trelew North with new companion
Dear dad,
Thanks for all the updates about the things in the world and about what all is going on. I love hearing about it. Woot! The states are doing really well in the olympics it looks like. I hope that Martin, Kat and Atticus have fun in Moab and that everything else Works out for everybody else. This week the interesting things that happened were that my companion and I tracked down the Chubut river today which took us about two hours of walking. It was an adventure and I´ll send you the photos when I can. Probably next week. Also, we had divisions this week and I got to spend the day with my district leader. That was a lot of fun, he can do contacts amazingly well and I showed him around the ├írea and we talked about dividing it. I think that when the transfer ends this week they might divide my ├írea. The other fun thing was that yesterday we were walking down the Street and a guy came up and talked to us and it turns out that he is married to a member and he invited us to go over to his house. So we´re going to see how that turns out. It´ll be interesting. That´s all that I have for this week. Love you guys tons and I´ll send the pictures when I get them.
Love, Michael
Dear mom,
Thanks for the updates about what all is going on with the family and with your new job. I look forward to getting my package and I will let you know when I get it. Thanks for the quote too. It was way cool to read that. Well, in response to your questions. I pray about the people in my area and that I can be the best missionary possible and that God will watch out for all of you guys. My heart´s desire right now is to help the people here to come to the gospel and at least have Heard about God. My investigators are progressing very slowly and they haven´t come to church yet but we keep working with them. And I still haven´t bought the pillow. I did buy a flash drive and I think that a pillow will be about 900 pesos. But I don´t know if I have that much money on my card. And my companion and I are still the best of friends. We really are getting along fantastically. Love you guys tons! And good luck this week.
Love, Michael

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