Monday, January 20, 2014

New Companion and Study Time

Dear dad,
Elder Sirrine and a big potato
I don´t have a cd player yet but I think that the misión is going to give us one. Thanks for the updates on the Ward and you guys. Also thanks for the thought. You guys are awesome. This week the only two things that really happened are that we put a baptismal date for Maria Elena our investigator and she accepted it! I am super excited and I think I´ll have a baptism in February. That´ll be way fun. And the other cool thing is what happened with some drunks. One group was outside a bar and when we stopped by to talk to them they offered us any drink that we wanted I could have had any sort of alcohol that exists. But we just had water and some Sprite. We also taught them a Little about what we do as missionaries and who we are. They were some funny people. When we tried to leave one of them took a picture with me. I think I was the first north american that a lot of them have ever seen. That was a lot of fun. M y companion is Elder Sarmiento, he´s from Chile, he´s 20 years old and he is a convert to the church. The thing that I love the most about him is that he has an extreme love and knowledge of the scriptures. He is teaching me to love the Bible and now that I am studying that I am falling in love with it as well. I didn´t realize that the scriptures were as awesome as they are. This is an amazing thing for me. We had our Ward misión leader tell us that my gift from God is that I am humble and have an extreme desire to learn. He told me that I have grown a lot spiritually since I got here and he thinks that I´ll start to grow even more rapidly now. He also said that i will be a big help for the church and have a successful misión. He told my companion that he has the ability to memorize the scriptures and know where the references are and to explain them. That was a very spiritual and awesome moment for me. This week has been really cool and I look forward to this transfer. I think that things will go really well for me here and that this área will start to grow. Love you guys tons,
Elder Sirrine Cooking
Study Time!
Love, Michael

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