Tuesday, September 2, 2014

7th Day Adventist

Dear family,

Thanks for the emails updates and the money. I´m going to see if I can get a pair of pants this week and I also need to buy hair clippers because I need a haircut and that´s the best way to do it. Also, happy B-day mom! Hope you had a fun one! Love you and miss you tons! And dad thanks for the story about the three monks it´s pretty awesome.

The updates from me this week are few. We found a lady that is a 7th day adventist and she was an interesting character. We were told by a neighbor that she needed God because of her husband and when we knocked on her door she almost closed it in our faces but, I said something that was almost Bible bashing (which I know is wrong but I did it without any intention of fighting) and she told us to come in and sat down to talk to us for like an hour. We heard about her hard life, what she thinks about her church and that she loves God but not her religion´s way of going about it. 
Elder Sirrine at 5-Star Hotel

Elder Sirrine and District

Then we got to share with her the message about the Restoration and about Joseph Smith and there was a strong spirit there. When we ended the lesson I prayed, then she wanted to pray, my comp and I both bore our testimonies and she said she was going to read the Book of Mormon and was going to ask us a ton of questions. It was a totally awesome lesson and my comp said as we were walking out, "I don´t know what you said but it was totally awesome" That was a cool experience.

Then the only other really cool thing was that we went up to a five star hotel that is here in Ushuaia. It´s way nice on the inside but we weren´t allowed to tour it which was suckish. But on the way down we got to see some horses chilling by the pathway which was pretty nifty. And that´s really all that´s new for me this week. Love you guys tons and hope you all have a great week!

Lots of love,

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