Monday, September 8, 2014

Hump Day and Some Pancakes

Dear Family,

Elder Bartlett Eating a Pancake
Thanks for the email and the photo. It looks like you all are doing great and that you are having a ton of fun there. It was also cool to hear about dad´s blessing and the things that he was promised, gotta love the gospel and blessings. To answer your questoins I did get hair clippers and a pair of pants. The pants are black. And my haircut is just short, it was the first time that Elder Bartlett had ever done one and my hair is kind of weird to cut so it ended up a bit shorter than I would have liked but it looks fine. Also, my investigators are kind of hit and miss for the moment. We´re still working as hard as we can and trying to do good. My Spanish is great and I do understand the slang now. I think that the thing I love best about my comp is that he is so positive and that he has the energy to keep working still. It´s really good for me. I do like my district, we´re all really close because we eat lunch together almost all of the time. There are no sisters in my area. The members here are totally awesome, there are a lot of families that make us feel like their kids and the food is amazing. I think the only difference in the members here is that the ward is a lot closer and feels more like a family. It´s way cool. Also, Elder Meadows is in my district right now and I have known him since he started the mission. We´ve been really close the whole time. Small, Small world.
Elder Bartlett Cooking Pancakes

As for the updates from this week we made pancakes last night which turned out really good. I've gotten pretty awesome at making those now and my comp knows how to make fun shapes in pancakes so we made smiley faces and tried to make a heart but that didn´t turn out too spectacular. It was fun to try though. We also have learned the best way to walk through soupy mud that comes up to our ankles which is a lot of fun. I haven´t had clean pants or shoes for a solid week. It´s been great. The other really cool updates are that Elder Bartlett and I found two drunk guys that were in their house and let us teach them. It was funny to watch how he reacted to them because he isn´t used to dealing with them. He tried to get deep with them and tell them that their lives sucked but you can´t really reason with drunk people super well. I was laughing, they were laughing and poor Elder Bartlett was totally lost. I have to say though, drunk guys do lift up my spirits on down days. They are just fun to talk to. And that´s really all that is new from this week. Gonna hit my year on Thursday and from there it´s downhill to home. Sad to think that I have as little time left as I do. Well, gotta make the most of it. Love you all tons and hope you have a great week!


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