Monday, September 22, 2014

Spring In Ushuaia

Dear family,

Thanks so much for the emails, they are always awesome to read and I love to hear about you. I am also really grateful for the talks and the thoughts that you shared. They were really awesome. 

This week is now officially spring in Ushuaia. The weather has been a lot nicer here and I am pretty happy. The only problem is that at night it gets cold so we have to wear a coat all day and then we get really hot while climbing the mountain. It would be nice for the weather to either be hot or cold but it is what it is. Other news is that my comp got bit by a dog yesterday on the walk to lunch. The dog was barking at his ankles and we tried to warn him that he was going to get bit but he didn´t hear or pay attention and then he got bit on the ankle and has a tear in his pants.
BDay Treats for Elder Bartlette

Elder Bartlette BDay

Elder Eakle

Now he knows to never turn his back on a dog that you don´t know. 

Also, on Sunday we decided to head out in the rain to knock on doors because the people we were going to visit were up on the hill and we couldn´t get to their houses because of the mud, and as we were doing that we found a guy and his kid that are both members but are less active and want to go back to church. It was way cool to be able to talk to them and I think that they are one of my new favorite families in this area. The mission is great and God is still a God of miracles!

I love you all ton and hope you have a wonderful week!


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