Tuesday, September 30, 2014

District Leader and Hard Work Pays Off

Dear family,

Elders Bartlett and Sirrine Loving the Snow
Thanks for the emails and the updates about the family. I´m happy to hear that you are all doing well now and that Zander got his wisdom teeth out without a problem. Also that Mom, Naiah and Isabel had a great time at the women´s conference.
Elder Sirrine on the Mountain

District Meeting and Lunch
This week the biggest update is that on Wednesday they made me the district leader, after transfers and they told us through a text. I was not happy to get the news. Not happy at all. But, now despite a stressful week and a lot of meetings and calls with the zone leaders I am mostly capacitated as to my new job and I don´t like it. But, if I was called then it must have been for something. Now I just need to find out why and what to do about it. Also, we have a new Elder in our district named Elder Smith. He´s from Utah and I think it´s nice to have so many new gringos in the mission. We have received 36 new gringos in the last two transfers. Nearly all of the missionaries that have a lot of time in the mission are training. It´s crazy. 

Elders Bartlett and Sirrine - Ushuaia at the End of the World

District on P-Day
District on P-Day

Ushuaia Zone August 28, 2014

The other big thing from this week is that we have had miracles on stormy days. This last week has had a ton of storms and lots of rain, hail, sleet and snow. My comp got sick, I did too for a bit but we still got out and hiked the mountain (literally) and as a result we were able to find people that were receptive and want us to go back and visit them. Spring in Ushuaia is more like winter than winter was. BUt, I´m happy. Hope you all have a wonderful week and I love you guys tons!

Love, Michael

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