Monday, August 25, 2014

Work Equals Investigators and Baptism Challenges!

Dear family,

Thanks for the emails and yes, the package got here. =) 

This week has been super awesome for me. We had a bit of a rough start because we spent nearly the entirety of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday contacting with only one guy letting us into his house on Tuesday. And on Thursday we spent the entire day in peoples houses and finding new investigators. That day we found four new investigators and we had two of them say that they would be baptized. We also have another family that has been investigating the church for a while that are in the process of getting married so that they can get baptized. A couple months ago Elder Ballard told our mission president that if the missionaries did their contacts and were good then we would teach 4 lessons find 4 investigators and of those 2 would be ready for baptism.
Elder Bartlett

Elder Sirrine

I saw that come true this week. And it was awesome. The best thing was that on Saturday we found a family of 6 that wanted to listen to our message and that like us. It´s been a really intense week for us and I couldn´t be happier! Now the only thing that we need to do is keep teaching and for the people to come through on their end and it will be glorious. 

The other cool thing that happened this week is that I got to teach my companion how to make fried eggs. It´s a very funny and very stressful process the first time you do it. I was laughing a ton and he got upset because he broke an egg in the sink. My first time doing it I got frustrated because I couldn´t get the eggs to flip with the yolk intact. Now I´m like a pro and he is too. It´s pretty awesome. We also made vanilla pudding and it turned out really good. I think that I am becoming a pretty good cook now. The only problem is that I get a bit impatient and want to eat before things are totally done and ready to put together. But, I´m learning patience and it is going well.

Love you all tons and hope you have a fun week!


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