Monday, August 11, 2014

Transfer and Trainer

Dear Family,

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Well, sounds like you all have had a very interesting week and that the whole family is going to be out in the world preaching the word of God. It´s a wonderful thing hearing about how all of you are changing and growing and to see how people are doing good things. I´m going to need to start writing Tyler and then Lynette when they head out. And I look forward to hearing when Zander gets his call and when he´s going into the MTC. It´s gonna be fun.

The biggest updates from this week are that we found a guy while contacting that let us talk to him for 20-30 minutes about the Book of Mormon and that told us that he wants to hear more of the word of God. It was really cool to see that even though the majority of the people here are really closed and don´t like to talk to us that there are people that are ready for the message of the gospel and that want to talk to us.
Mountain Homes in Winter

Elder Sirrine in Snows of Ushuaia

Also, today was transfer day and my comp, Elder Crespo, headed out at 5 in the morning to go up to his new area in Trelew. That was an adventure. We got up at three in the morning and finished getting all of his stuff ready and then at about 4 we started calling for a taxi to come and pick us up. There were none that answered the phone and we ended up at 5 trying to find a car and get to the terminal that is 20 minutes away in auto. We showed up in the car, he ran onto the bus and then the bus left. We were barely there on time to get him off on the right bus. And now I have to wait for another couple of days to go travel up to Comodoro to pick up my new companion. Because, I´M TRAINING!!!!!! I´m really super excited and very nervous about that because it´s a big responsibility to train a new elder. But, I know that I´ll be fine.

So, now I have to wait ´til thursday to find out who´s going to be my new companion. It´s gonna be a fun trip chilling on a bus for 3ish days. I´m looking forward to being able to sleep a lot. Outside of that the only other update is that it´s still snowing here in Ushuaia and that I am know finding the furthest houses up the mountain that I can get to. It´s been really fun hiking through the mountain trying to find people. Also, there´s a tv show called "Este es mi villa" or something like that and they did an episode in Ushuaia about Dos Banderas and Las Raices. That is my area. You can probably find the video on the internet and see what I get to see every day. Except they went during the summer and I´m here in winter but it´s pretty similar. Love you all tons and hope you have a spectacular week.


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