Monday, August 4, 2014

Mud and a Foursome

Dear Family,

Thanks for the updates y´all sent me. I´m glad you all made it home safe from your trip. Thanks for the pictures too. It´s fun to see you all.

From my end this week has been really peaceful. We found a couple of families to teach, we also had a fun time Saturday playing a bit in the mud because it´s heating up here and so all of the snow is melting and what is left in the majority of my area is mud. When the cars drive by they splash us and we also got into a bit of a mud fight. Elder Crespo, my comp,
Elder Crespo, Elder Sirrine's Comp

Elder Crespo Muddy

Elder Sirrine In Pension

Elder Sirrine Muddy

Bracelet made by member

Other Elder in Pension and Elder Crespo

Last of the Fab Four Elders
was totally covered and I was more or less muddy. He was so upset that he got dirty, apparently being clean is really important to him even though he´s really an anti social person. So, that was fun to find out. Also we had a Tsunami this week (where all the missionaries in the zone go and talk to people in the same area to help a companionship find more investigators) We contacted for two hours more or less and were able to give like 40 references to the hermanas. That was really awesome. I think the zone leaders said that they were going to start doing more tsunamis in the zone now that this time worked so well for us. The other thing that was cool is that one of the young women in the ward made me a bracelet that has my name on it. Her family is totally awesome and I love going to their house on Sundays for lunch. The best part of the branch here is that the members that give us lunch are all really awesome and the rest of the members are friendly to us. The problem in the branch is that there are very few people that are really active and a lot of people spread rumors about the missionaries about members and everything else. It´s really irritating for me to see that. But, we´re working with the leaders in the branch and it´s been getting better. When I got here it was a lot more screwed up.

It´s been cool to see the branch change, to learn how to teach English classes, and to find more people. Things have also been a lot better with Elder Crespo because the other two are moving out soon to their new pension so he´s been a lot more chill. I´ve seen him grow this transfer. It´s been fun to help him come out of his shell a bit and to help him enjoy being a missionary. He´s a good guy and I like him a lot. And transfers are coming up next week which means that he might be leaving Ushuaia. It´ll be interesting to see what all goes down. 

Also, I haven´t gotten the package yet but it should be on its way down here. And yes, Elder Carter is still in the office. I hope you all have a wonderful week and that things all go well for you. Love you tons!

Love, Michael

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