Sunday, August 3, 2014

Serving in the Snow of Ushuaia

Dear Family,

Thanks for the emails and for the photos. I love hearing about what you all are up to. Also, to me it isn´t going to be bad for me that you all go off and have fun. I just like to hear from you. And I love seeing you all. I hope you are enjoying the vacations and that the heat isn´t doing you harm.

Elder Sirrine Loving the Snow
Newest Investigator
As for me I am totally enjoying the snow. We had about three days straight of snowfall and it got up to a little below my knees in some places. It has been a blast walking and playing in the snow. But now it´s getting warmer and all the snow is starting to disappear. It´s been really sad watching it go away. But while it was here it was a ton of fun. We made a snow man, slipped around everywhere and almost got lost a couple of times on the mountain that is my area. Yeah, my area is the mountain in Ushuaia and there are some parts that you can only get to by hiking about 30 minutes and now with the snow it´s even better. We did divisions twice this week once with the zone leaders and once with our district leader. When I was with one of my zone leaders in my area we went to go contact people and we walked for about 20 minutes without seeing many houses and when we got to a group of them the first house that we knocked we got invited in and got to teach the family about the restoration of the gospel. They were totally awesome. The daugther has a lot of questions about the church and told us that she hadn´t found a church yet that really filled her. So we´re working with them and the other time we did divisions my companion found another family in my area that we are going to teach. It´s totally awesome to see that we can find people and I am a firm believer in that when we do divisions miracles happen. 
Elder Sirrine Drinking Cold Water
Name Tags in the Snow

Making a Snow Angel

Snow Angel Named Elder

Ushuaia Snow Plow

Ushuaia  Forest

One of the four Elders with Giant Ice Cycle
It´s one of the greatest feelings to see the miracles and to know that the Lord has His hand in this work. The other really cool thing that happened this week is that we had an investigator come to our English classes on Saturday. My companion and I were way up the mountain in the woods doing contacts and all the other missionaries were way far into their areas too. So it was an adventure getting all of us out there to give the class but when we got there it was a really cool experience and we had a totally awesome lesson. And then the investigator invited us back to her house and we got to talk to the whole family and have a good lesson. It´s been a really fun week. Also, today we got together the four of us that are living in the pension right now and we had a chat about what all has been going on because we´re all getting really irritated with each other this week.

And as a result of that we saw that a lot of the things that we were doing weren´t really all that good and that we needed to be a lot better than what we are. So we set goals with the four of us and decided how we are going to be better about being obedient. The most impactful thing that my district leader told us, he lives with us right now, was that if we don´t do good on our missions then our children will be cursed and the curse would be that they would be less active or inactive. He also told us that if we don´t step up and fix the obedience in the mission then this mission was going to die. So, we´re all very animated to be a lot better this week. It´s going to be really cool to see how it all plays out for us this week. Love you all tons and hope things go well for you!


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