Monday, August 18, 2014

Trainer and a Baptismal Challege Accepted!

Dear Family,

Elder Sirrine and Old Train in Ushuaia
Thanks for the emails and the support. I love hearing from you guys every week. It sounds like all of you are having fun and that good things are happening in the family. It is way cool that there are new families in the ward now and I hope that Max has a lot of new friends. As for my update for the week it´s been a kind of crazy one for me. Monday and Tuesday I had to get up at three in the morning to make it to the bus station before 5 which is when the bus left. When I went out to Comodoro we got on the bus at 5 and we were two missionaries and two other people on the bus. It was practically empty. We listened to a lot of music and slept a ton that morning. It was four hours to get to Rio Grande where we picked up two other missionaries and a couple of other people. Then we had a 10 hour trip to Rio Gallegos. I now have my ID in Argentina which says that I am legal for two years but when I tried to cross the border into Chile they almost didn´t let me cross because I didn´t have my passport. But, I made it fine without any problems. We got to Rio Gallegos at 5 in the afternoon and chilled around til 9 when we went to the terminal and at 9:30 we headed out to Comodoro. We traveled and slept all night and got to Comodoro at like 7 in the morning. Then at 11:30 we were in the mission office and we got to meet all the new missionaries and have a meeting with our mission president. We had a really good lunch there, It was ravioli and there were a couple different kinds of salad.
Elder Sirrine and Penguin Display

Elder Sirrine and Elder Bartlett
I also met like six of the new missionaries that had either read my blog or that had heard about my blog. And apparently if you look up my mission on Google my face and my blog are the second things that show up. That was really weird to learn. I didn´t know that so many people read these emails. Then I met my comp, Elder Bartlett, he´s 6´5" tall and makes me feel like I´m tiny. It´s the weirdest feeling because I´m used to being one of the taller people and now I´m more normal. And then at 9 that night we headed back down to Ushuaia and spent another full day travelling. We got to Rio Gallegos at about 8 in the morning, got on another bus at 9ish and spent the rest of the day on the bus sleeping, talking and reading a bit. It was the longest ride that I have ever been on. It was TERRIBLE. We finally got to our apartment at like 10 o´clock on Thursday and I slept like a rock. It was so nice to have a real bed again. And then on Friday we went out to work and while we were contacting we found a family that accepted a baptismal date! It was so totally awesome!

I am super excited to get to work with Elder Bartlett now. He just has this amazing spirit and miracles are going to happen. I can feel it. These next transfers are going to be good ones for me and hopefully for him too. I hope that all of you have a great week too and I love you tons!


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