Monday, June 30, 2014

Transfer To Ushuia - The end of the world. Comodoro Mission one year Anniversary

Dear Family,

First of all I want to thank y´all for all of the updates and the emails. I also look forward to getting the package from you guys. Sounds like all of you are doing well and that things are chill at home. The news from me this week is that I´m going to go to Ushuaia. The end of the world. It´s going to be totally awesome to see there and to be able to see snow for the first time in over a year. I still can´t believe that I will have been out in the mission for a year in less than three months. The cool thing is that I am going to celebrate a year in Ushuaia. It´s going to be totally awesome. I look forward now to 20 something hours on a bus and a good long nap. It will hopefully be a nice trip. 
Elder Sirrine with Comodoro and ocean behind.

Elder Sirrine with a favorite member Brother Adrian

My new companion is Elder Crespo. I´ve heard a lot of interesting things about him so we´ll see how this transfer plays out for me. And that is really the only thing that I have done this week. OH! I totally forgot that my companion and I found a totally awesome investigator on Saturday. He lives in a tiny little trailer and he is totally ready for the gospel. We invited him to church and he came and brought his family! My comp is really happy and I think that this investigator can be baptized in three weeks. It´s totally awesome to find someone like that. I just hope that my new area is going to be as awesome as the area that I am now leaving. I´m not happy to go but at the same time I´m sort of ready for a change. It´s odd. Love all of you tons and hope you have a wonderful week!


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