Monday, June 16, 2014

Robbed at Knife Point

Dear family,

I love you all tons and I loved hearing about all of the updates of the week and I always enjoy the thoughts that you send in your emails. This week the coolest things that happened to me were that I went to Rio Gallegos for two days to do paper work and I got to be in a bus for 20 hours round trip. Saw some good movies and some that were really boring and while I was there I got to meet some really cool missionaries and meet up with some old friends. It was a fun trip and I am now officially legal in the country! The other thing that happened to me this week was that I got robbed. It was a drugged out kid with a knife that took my companion by his backpack and robbed him of everything and then he turned on me. We´re both fine and we managed to get the majority of our stuff back because he threw it all down on a hill but I lost my camera, again, and my comp lost his backpack and his coat. 

So, if y´all want to send me a camera I´d love it. If not it´s about 2500 pesos to buy a good one here. And that´s really about all that happened this week. I love you all and miss you lots. Have a great week!

Love, Michael


  1. We will keep you in our prayers!

  2. Wow! What a story. Another new camera huh? Should we take bets how many you are going to go through? :) Love ya!