Monday, June 2, 2014

Noche Blanca and Daniel and Maria on the 21st

Dear family,

New Comp Elder Carmona
This week has been a slow one for us. We haven´t had much luck doing contacts and even less luck having visits to teach people. We did have a totally awesome FHE with a less active family though. We played games talked about everything under the sun and they gave us an amazing dinner. They are the Gelvez family. They have a daughter that is going to be 9 in July and they still need to baptize her so we´re working with them to see if we can get them to come to church and be able to baptize her. Also, Daniel and María are almost done with their house and have accepted to be baptized on the 21st of June. It´s going to be totally epic to see that happen. We´re also planning as a zone to have a ¨Noche Blanca¨ which means a group baptism more or less and we´re trying to get 10 baptisms. We´ve got the people to do it too. It´s going to be epic if that actually happens. 

Hermana Bollwinkle and Allen

Elder Sirrine Artwork on P-Day

The other cool update from the week was that we have an hermana in our ward that is helping us learn how to paint. It´s totally freaking awesome. I´m halfway through a painting in 2 hours more or less. It was a ton of fun to do that. We did it with the sister missionaries of my ward too. And that´s really all that we have done this week. Also, I´m totally fine, the dog was behind a fence and I didn´t hit it. Also, 90% of the dogs that I see in the street love me and let me pet them. It drives my companion nuts. He can´t figure out why they all love me. Also, he just barely started his mission.

Love you all tons,

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