Monday, July 7, 2014

Ushuaiah, Chile and Lost in a Forest

Dear People I love,
I am finally in Ushuai after four days of travel. I got to stay in Rio Gallegos for a couple days doing paperwork to be able to cross the border into Chile because the only way to get to Ushuaia is through Chile, at least if you go by bus. We got to ride on a huge ship and I even saw some Chilenan police officers. It was a ton of fun to travel. I wish I could say that I saw a lot of Chile but all that I saw was a whole bunch of desert, sheep and llamas. But at least I can say that I have now been to two countries in my mission. I feel really cool now. Now I am in Ushuaia, my comp has trouble pronouncing his r´s and he also has a weirdly childish way to act. I´m still not sure if it´s a mental thing or if that´s just the way he is. But I totally love my area. We have a huge chunk of the outside part of Ushuaia and it is odd. It would technically be the ghetto of Ushuaia or the part that has no money, gas, nor water and it is HUGE we went out there on Friday to one part called Dos Banderas and we got totally lost. We spent an hour or two walking around in a forest with a flashlight trying to find the house of an investigator. We finally found it and they called a taxi to take us home. That was a very fun experience and I am totally ready to take photos.
The best part about my new pension is that I have a gorgeous view of the ocean from where I study in the morning and that I have a perfect view of the city from my bed. I am extremely happy to be here in Ushuaia. Also the chapel is huge and the branch here is a bit bigger than the other wards that I have been in. Ushuaia is totally awesome. I love you guys tons and hope you all have a great week!
Love, Michael

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