Monday, March 31, 2014

Pension Problems and a Sunrise

Dear Mom and Dad,

It´s crazy how fast time has passed for me. The soccer field is from one of the local clubs so the buildings are either from the club or from the Carrefour that is right next to the church. Carrefour is like Walmart here. My house is on Cayelli and we´re like three blocks away from the church building. My investigators are doing really well. The problem is that we have a huge family that are investigating and the dad is in the hospital right now because they recently discovered that he has diabetes and his sugar levels are way high. Also he´s lost all desire to eat and is kind of freaking out because he had a grandma or something die from complications of Diabetes, alcohol and cancer. So he thinks that diabetes is going to kill him. I just hope that he calms down because he can live fine and be diabetic.
Sunrise from Elder Sirrine's Pension
My companion and I are doing fine. At the end of the week are when the transfers are going to be and they´re going to put hermanas in my area and people are saying that I am probably going to train next transfer. It´ll be really weird to see all of the changes that happen but I think it´ll be fun. I look forward to the next transfer. The funniest thing that I have seen with the ward is how they react to hearing that there are going to be hermanas here soon. Lots of the members are excited but nobody wants to sign up to give them lunches. We pass around calendars on Sunday for the lunches with the missionaries for the month. And the calendar for me is about full and for the hermanas there are three days filled. It´ll be odd to see how things play out for them. The other problem is that we need to find them a pension and there is nothing here. So we may need to move out of our house or they might have to live with the other hermanas. It´s been weird trying to figure this whole thing out but it´s been cool. 

I still haven´t been to the ocean because we´re not allowed to go during the summer. I think that I´ll be going out there sometime soon though if we can get permission. The funny stories from the week are my companion and I found a latino sized Lagoon here. They have roller coasters and all sorts of stuff and it´s all tiny. I don´t think that any gringo could fit in there but it´s perfect for Latinos tiny as they are. It was funny to hear my companion say that. The only other interesting thing about this week was that last Monday when my companion and I left the pension we found a cop outside and he said, " what are you doing here?" and we were like, " We live here. What are you doing here?" Then he called his companion and said, "I´m here with two Mormons and they say that you aren´t inside. What happened here?" Then he told us to be careful because this area is dangerous and we went on our merry way. That has got to be one of the oddest conversations that I have had with a person in the street. And that´s really all that happened this week. It´s been pretty boring and normal. Love you guys tons and hope you have a great week.

Love, Michael

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