Monday, March 24, 2014

First week of autum in the Patagonia

Dear Mom,

Breakfast with companion
Thanks for all of the updates about the family. It sounds like you are all having a fun time. My companion and I are getting along great, we have lots of fun together and are working well. This week we found a couple of new people and we´re going to see how things go with them and the people that we are now teaching are really progressing a ton. It´s been awesome to see that change. I hope that next month we´ll be able to have some baptisms because we´ll have our chapel back. No, I don´t play the piano in church here. I love my district and my zone. The missionaries here are all awesome! And for the moment I think that I have everything that I need for winter but if I don´t I´ll buy things or ask you guys. Thanks for all being so awesome! Love you guys tons and hope you have an awesome week.

Love, Michael

Sunset in Comodoro

Cooking up eggs

 Dear Dad,

I think that it would be cheaper for me to buy stuff here. I have have a couple of hats some gloves and thermals. So I think that I´ll be pretty well set for the winter and if I need anything it will be a whole lot easier for me to just buy it here. So, I´ll let you guys know if I need money or anything.

The updates from the week are that we did divisions on Friday and Elder Tyler and I had an amazing day. We found a guy in the street that started to talk to us and he told us about a crazy drug induced vision that he had that was pretty intense. And as we were talking to him he said that we had guts and he respected us for walking around in the areas that we walk in without fear. It was really cool to meet him. And then he introduced us to his friend who needed help cleaning out a house before moving into it and while we helped them clean we got to teach the guy all about the restoration and about god and what god wants for us. He was a way cool guy and he asked us to come back and talk to him more and to help them clean. He also asked us to say a dedicatory prayer in his house to take out all of the bad energy that was in there because there used to live a group of satan worshippers there before him and he wanted to be totally sure that any lingering bad energy would be totally gone. Lots of crazy cool stuff happens here.

The other really cool thing that happened to me this week was that my companion and I have been having a lot more luck finding our investigators and people at home recently. We went to an investigator yesterday and learned about his life. He was in the military in Bolivia and told us about all of the crazy things that happened to him while he was tracking down the illegal cocaine dealers. The things that happened to him were crazy. He´s a way cool guy though. And that´s really all that happened to me this week. Love you guys and miss you all tons! Hope that you all have a great week.

Love, Michael
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