Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Dear Dad,

We call the eternal investigators the same thing. Snakes are the investigators that just like the missionaries, or think that we´re handsome but don´t really want the gospel. They´re the people that get baptized because the missionary asked them too and not for a testimony. Also I can´t buy the mission pin. What I have is a coin that has the two images on it. I´ll ask President though to see what he says.
Elder Sirrine's new bedroom

Elder Sirrine's kitchen

The updates for the week are that, a couple days ago my companion and I were trying to see if we could find some investigators at home. They´re a huge Bolivian family and the dad is a member and wants us to teach all of the kids. So we went to see if any of the kids were at home with their spouse or family. (They´re all over 18 and now live out of the house) And when we were doing that we found all of them going up to the dad´s house for a party and they invited us. So we got to eat an asado and enjoy ourselves a ton. ONe of the cool traditions that the Bolivians have is that when a daugther hits a year or two years old the mom puts her daughter´s hair in little pig tails and everyone in the family gets together and they all cut off a little bit of hair and give money or a present to the little girl. It was funny because when they started the little girl was crying and when she started to see all the money she got really happy and started laughing. And after all the little pig tails where gone they shaved her bald. It was odd but cool. And now my companion and I owe that family a present because they invited us to participate. The crazy stuff that happens to missionaries, fun times though. Lots of fun times.

And, that it´s cold here! And weirdest of all is that I feel it! I think I lost all of the fat that was keeping me warm and now I feel the cold. It´s messed up. But the good hting is that a member family gifted me a coat because I didn´t have one before. So now I´m protected more or less from the rain and the cold. It looks a lot more like winter every day here now. It´s cold! And I am loving it. I love the cold a whole lot more than the hot. The other odd thing that happened this week is that yesterday the members that live beneath my apartment from whom we are renting told my companion and I that in the morning there was a fight right outside of our pension that was bad enough that they had to send the kid to the hospital and they said that his face was destroyed and that there was blood everywhere. The weirdest thing is that my companion and I didn´t even notice. I think it´s crazy that we didn´t notice that but it was good that nothing happened to us. This city is way messed up. But, I´m safe and happy. Love you guys tons and miss you lots. Hope you have a great week!

Love, Michael
View from his new apartment (Pension)

Close-up of the sky view from his Pension
 Dear Mom,

Thanks for all the updates about the family. Sounds like you guys are all doing well with the kids. Just remember to stay patient and that the best way to help is to make sure that they know that they are loved. There´s a story in the Liahona that I have read a couple times about a mom that needs to help her teenage son who´s got a ton of problems with drugs and all sorts of other things and when she prays for an answer it came to her mind that Jesus never yelled at her no matter how badly she screwed up and he never yelled at anyone else either. So she started doing that, she just told her son ¨i love you¨A lot and after a while he started to get his life back together and to repent. Just show them love and always try to help them. Don´t lose your patience and never yell. Just guide them gently and lovingly and they will come around. The good thing is that you have the opportunity to stop the downward spiral. I´ll send you some of the other pictures that i have of the apartment and things. And when i have pictures of me you´ll get those too. Love you tons!

Love, Michael

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