Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference and Empanada's

Dear Mom,

I was really rushed for time last week because we were having an activity with all the missionaries in Comodoro and I didn´t think to send the email to both dad and you. Sorry about that. Thanks for the quotes from conference, they´re way cool. I got to watch the conference in Spanish this time and it was a little bit different from what I am used to. They have translators that are translating as they hear the talk and sometimes they mess up or get a bit lost. It was really cool though and I loved all of the talks and the thing about the temples at the beginning was for my mission. Next conference we´re workibng so that they announce the temple here. We´re getting really close too. Things are all going well for me and my companion. We aren´t changing at all just getting a smaller area to work in. It´ll be fun to see how things work out with Hermanas in my ward. And I have pictures this week so you´ll be able to see those. 
Playing Games Between Conference Sessions

Love, Michael
 Dear Dad,

The transfers this time didn´t hit my companionship. Both Elder Abarca and I are going to stay in the area one transfer more. So, thanks for the advice about training but I´m not doing it this time. For me it hasn´t been the hardest to do the contacts but I have found it harder to get my companion and I out of the door earlier. Seems like there´s always something that keeps us inside longer in the morning. But outside of that the changes that they have made weren´t too hard. I have gotten over 90% of the food poisoning incident. But I feel fine. We are splitting my area in half to give them space to work. And we have a possible apartment for them now but nothing is really set in stone yet. We´re just hoping that this pension works out for them. I think that we may get the conference talks but we haven´t gotten a Liahona here yet so it would be nice if you guys sent them to me.
Hanging out with the gringos between sessions
This week has been mostly normal. We had a big party with both of the zones on Monday and really enjoyed ourselves eating and playing soccer with them. That was a ton of fun. And then the rest of the week was really normal. On Saturday we got to watch conference until about 11 at night which was cool and then we had a member buy us a dinner when he was taking us home, that was way cool of him. He´s also talking about cooking an asado for us on Thursday. That´ll be really cool to see if it works out. And I got to see the beach on Saturday but I didn´t have my camera with me so I don´t have any pictures yet but I think that soon I´ll have pictures of the beach. And then on Sunday we had conference again and between the sessions I hung out with all of the gringos and we played a card game called Truco that is from Argentina it´s a really fun/complicated game that has two different sets of rules and is full of cheating and lies. You can play with 2, 4. 6 or 8 players and it´s really messed up. I finally figured out all of the rules though and now I just need to memorize the values of the cards and I think that I´m going ot buy myself some cards for Truco and also the regular poker cards because I miss card games and would like to have things to do with my companion in the pension when we´re bored out of our minds. So we´ll see how that goes. This next transfer is going to be fun. My companion and I have decided that we are going to work hard for a baptism because we have a lot of people that are right there ready for it and we just need to get them to church. We also are going to finally have our own chapel on Sunday and I am really looking forward to that. It´s going to be a good transfer. Love you guys tons and miss you all lots. Have a great week!
Empanadas. Yum!

Love, Michael

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