Monday, April 14, 2014

Down Pour Before Easter

Maximus: Rock on little bro! I love you tons. You are totally right. Two years will fly by crazy fast. Look forward to seeing you all on Mother´s day. Love you tons!
Elder Sirrine and cool statue

 Naiah: It´s different to have to worry about if the water is dirty or not and it´s weird to walk on dirt streets with houses made out of whatever they can find. But the people here are awesome and I love it. It would be way cool if you were a missionary too. Love you tons!

Ocean at Comodoro Rivadavia

Callista: Way to go on your reading and writing! Keep it up! Have lots of fun in school and make tons of friends! Love you too!

Elder Sirrine sits in Driver Seat of a Bus
 One of the times I felt the spirit this week was listening to the music that I got from my companion. It had a super uplifting message and was an answer to me. The other time was in the conference, not exactly this week but still, when they were talking about the temples I know that Comodoro Rivadavia will have a temple announced in the next conference. It will happen.

Love, Michael 
Rain Run-off Outside Elder Sirrine's Pension
Dear Mom,

Elder Sirrine in Rain By Graffiti
Thanks for the update about the family. I really appreciate hearing about all that you guys are doing. The one interesting thing that I have learned about Easter here is that the Jehovah´s Witnesses get together to commemorate the death of the Savior and that they take that custom out of what is supposed to be the sacrament. That is just weird to me. I also learned that the Jehovah´s Witnesses avoid talking to missionaries as much as possible. They say hi and then disappear, according to another Elder it´s because they know we´d win in an argument. Either way it was odd. The other crazy thing this week is that on Thursday it rained so hard that we got trapped in the pension. There was a legit river outside our house that went up to about my knees. It was crazy! Hope you guys have a fun week and I love you all!

Love, Michael
Rain River outside Pension
 Dear Dad,

Thanks for the updates and the pictures. Max looks good with his new glasses. This week the updates are that we had a river on Thursday appear outside of our house in about 20 minutes and it lasted all day. We couldn´t go outside at all because the rain froze our heads in about 10 minutes and everybody just kept telling us to go home and get out of the rain. It was a rather suckish day. Then on Saturday and Sunday things got a ton better we were able to set four baptismal dates with some of our investigators. The only problem is that they haven´t come to church yet. I know that they are way prepared they just need to meet the requirements of assistance and one couple needs to get married. So we´ll see how that all turns out. I think it´ll be awesome and my companion and I are going to work hard to get things ready so that they can get baptized on May 3rd. It´ll be crazy to see how this all works out. The other cool thing from this week is that we are finally able to use our chapel again. They still aren´t totally done remodeling but it´s close enough that we´re going to be able to use it again. I am so excited because that will make our work a whole lot easier because now our investigators can walk to church. Lots of good stuff is happening here for me. My companion and I are working amazingly well and things are progressing a ton. I love this area and this work. It´s the best! Hope you all have a good week and enjoy yourselves this Easter.

Love, Michael

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