Monday, April 28, 2014

District Fun in the Park

Dear Dad,
Thanks for the message and the updates. I have no idea when we´ll be able to Skype but I´ll keep you all updated. My investigators are doing awesome. Daniel and Maria came to church yesterday and we´re trying to have a baptism for them this Saturday. They are totally ready they just need to accept  the invitation. Please keep them in your prayers. I am doing great here. The weather is starting to get colder but it´s still not really cold. I am totally looking forward to the time when it really is cold. I miss winter after two straight summers. Also, I cut my hair yesterday with my companion and he did a great job cutting it. It looks really good and I am really happy with it. The other cool thing that happened this week was that on P-day I got to have a great time with a lot of the other Elders in my zone. We ate sandwiches in a park and just enjoyed being together. It was tons of fun to be with all of them. And I found a little shop that sells the coolest souvenirs. I am going to pass by again some other P-day before I leave here to buy some stuff. It was legit. I hope that you guys all have a great week and that things go well for you. Love you all tons and miss you lots!
P-day with Zone in the Park

Love, Michael

Eating in the Park

Nice sandwich

Chasing Pigeons

Hey Zander!
I found some cool hats from the Heat here for really cheap and I think that I´m going to buy one for you. I´m still about 6´ and I have lost a ton of weight. I goa bit fatter here because we have a Bolivian family that gives us a ton of really good food. They are also thinking about having a party for my birthday which would be totally legit. I have also gotten a bit tanner here and my comp tells me that I sound less like a Gringo and more like a Chileno or Peruano when I talk and he´s also taught me a bit of ketchwa. It´s totally legit. Also I think that I may have a couple of baptisms this week. Their names are Daniel and Maria and they are totally awesome. I love this couple and I really hope that they get baptized this week. Pray for them and when I have your hat I´ll shoot you a photo. Love you tons and take care of yourself!
Lovew, Michael
Elder Sirrine's District
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the letter and the updates. Tell Zander to take care of himself. The cool updates from this week are that Daniel and Maria came to church and we are hoping that they get baptized this week. Please pray for them! The other cool things that happened are that I cut my hair yesterday and it looks really good, I´m finally happy with a hair cut. My companion is totally awesome. And that we´re going to have a conference on Wednesday with Elder Gonzalez of the 70 which should be really cool. That´s really all that´s new here. love you guys tons and miss you all lots!
Love, Michael
Hey Mormor!
It´s good ot hear from you even if things aren´t all fine there. I hope that Morfar gets better soon and that Martin figures out how to deal with things in Moab. I´ll remember all of you guys in my prayers this week. It´s way cool that you had an awesome blessing from brother Halverson I totally agree that the priesthood is the best. I hope you have a great time in the hospital when you are there and that the seminar is good. I am working to help a couple get baptized this week and I hope that things work out. Please pray for Daniel and Maria that they can get the answer to their prayers and that they´ll be baptized. Love you tons and miss you lots! Have a great week!
Love, Michael

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