Monday, April 21, 2014

Baptismal dates are set.

Dear Mom,

Nesquik is a favorite
Thanks for the updates about the family and for the highlights from your talk. They were cool to read. As of right now the only things that I think I need are another scarf and a pair of gloves. It´s starting to get cold here and my face is freezing. lots of the nights I can´t feel my chin. It´s weird. Outside of that thanks for putting my investigators on the prayer roll. Could you guys pray specifially for Daniel and Maria? They have a baptismal date for the 3rd and they need to come to church and Daniel is looking for a testimony. It would be awesome if you prayed for them. =) The other cool update is that Ronaldo another of my investigators accepted a baptismal date for the 17th of May. It´ll be way cool to see him progress. And my companion and I went to the saladita and got to talk to the people and see all of the cool stuff there. Zander still loves the Heat right because I saw some cool stuff there and I thought about him. Ask if he´d like that. Also, I´ve got pictures to send you and this Saturday we may go to the Chenque which´ll be awesome. Chenque is the hill here where you can see the entire city of Comodoro. It´ll be fun to see that. Love you all tons and miss you lots! Have a great week!
Chocolate egg for Easter

Sunset from Pension
Love, Michael

Dear Dad,

Things are going awesome for me. My stomach has been doing fine and my companion and I have been boiling our drinking water recently. So no more food poisoning problems. I just sat in the seat, the bus belongs to a member and he let us hop in and take photos in the driver´s seat. My investigators are doing awesome. Ronaldo now has the goal to get baptized on the 17th and Maria and Daniel are working towards the 3rd. If they come to church they can make it. Also, Daniel is looking for a testimony so it´s been hard to get him to commit to much of anything but next Sunday I think they´ll come because they have promised to be there. My Easter passed without too much of a celebration. My companion and I got some chocolate easter eggs from members and we also bought some. That was awesome. It´s interesting to see that the Catholic´s don´t eat any meat during the week of Easter it´s all fish. We didn´t get any fish this week but the lunches were awesome. The other two cool things that happened this week were that my companion and I went to the Saladita which is an open air market that runs Saturdays and Sundays it was really cool to walk around and see all of the things there that are a lot cheaper than the main stream stores. I bought a hat and my comp bought himself gloves, plums (which are delicious) and two Easter eggs. One for me and one for him. Also we got some cool sunrise pictures Saturday. You can´t see me but the sunrise is awesome. And that´s about all that has happened this week. I hope you guys have a lot of fun and I love you all tons.

Love, Michael

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