Monday, November 25, 2013

A Gift of Cherries November 25, 2013

The cherries were delicious

We got two bags full of cherries from a sister we did service for.
These are the only pictures for this week. We got two bags full of Cherries from a sister that we did service for. The Cherries were delicious!

Dear Mom,
I´m glad you liked the pictures I sent. Thanks for the prayers and the support. I love them both. I am trying to take care of myself, I fix my hair every morning and I am using sunscreen. It doesn´t do me a whole lot of good to shine my shoes because all of the streets here are dirt and there is dust everywhere. I´d have to shine them every day and I don´t have the time, desire or need to do that. I do brush off the worst of the dust every day though. Not all but most.
I´m glad that things are going well for all of you guys at home and that Brandan had an awesome home coming talk. I hope the Frogley´s have fun on their mission in Hawaii. That´s crazy small! I don´t think we´ve ever had a Thanksgiving that small before. Man how things are changing. Happy birthday to Dad! That story of the Elder is really cool though.
As for me I am able to talk to the people more and the language is a bit easier to understand. Our investigators right now are Sergio, Maria Elena and her grandchildren and we have some references that we are trying to contact. The Sister missionaries found Sergio first and we met him when he came to church on Sunday, and my companion found Maria Elena before I arrived. The references came from the Elders in the other Ward that shares our building. It seems like all the missionaries around us want to work in our área. It´s crazy! I am adapting to missionary life and to life in Argentina now. Things are starting to get easier for me here. I´m loving it.
Love you tons,
 Dear Dad.
The man that baptized Natalia is Enrique. He was baptized in October and is awesome. My companion and I love spending time in his house talking to him. He has also helped me a lot with my Spanish and has helped me get comfortable talking to people.It was her grandma but she´s not Maria. I don´t actually know her name. Maria is a different lady. I´m glad that you had a great birthday. I don´t think that we´re going to get much of anything for Thanksgiving here. I got to ride with the AP because there wasn´t enough space on the bus or with the President. Then I look forward to getting my package soon. I think that we have everything we need for the mission effort in our apartment right now. We also have a form that we fill out to ask the mission office for supplies that we need. So, thank you a ton for thinking about me and if I need anything I will definitely ask you guys.
That sounds awesome. I think I´ll be able to Skype with you guys on the 24th but I am still not sure of the time yet. I hope that I am able to get an iPad. I know that Brayden has one right now. I think that someone told me iPads would get to South America sometime next year. That will be really cool to see. I´m glad that Brandan had a good homecoming talk and it sounds like he had a lot of cool points. Thank you for sharing those with me. Thank you for letting me know that. If I need to tell you anything confidentially I will definitely do that. We email from an internet café type place. They call them Cybers. I have around two hours to write emails on Mondays.
Thank you a ton for the prayers, I love you guys too. I´m glad you guys could go to the temple. Sounds like you guys have your priorities straight. I´m definitely glad that you are praying for me and I love having your support. You guys are teh best.
Love, Michael

Dear Dad,
I have a couple of interesting experiences that I can share with you guys. One is that I almost got bit by a dog and the other is the time we played Rugby with a bunch of youth. Elder Davis is the AP that I rode with to Punta Tombo. My stories will probably be short but here we go. First story about when I almost got bit by a dog. The first thing you need to know is that there are about a million stray dogs in the streets of Argentina and quite honestly all of South America. And almost all of these dogs are very territorial and will bark when you walk past their house or their street. There is one of these dogs on the street that my companion and I walk down every day. One day, we were walking along minding our own business when my companion tells me."There´s a dog behind that car. Be careful when you walk around it." So we continued walking now knowing that we need to be careful. As we pass the car nothing happens. Then about two or three steps later this dog comes charging out barking like nobodies business. He charges at us and jumps up. We´re walking away mostly unaware of what this dog is doing when I feel a pressure around the entire backside of my knee. I thought that dog was going to cripple me. His bite didn't pierce my pants or skin but it was crazy.
The second story. Behind all the chapels in South America there is a field that people use to play soccer or basketball. There is also usually a bunch of grass. Nearly every day there is a group of close to ten youth that play on the soccer field behind my chapel. My companion and I have started playing with them when we have the opportunity and we are starting to try and teach them something about the gospel and English a bit. One day when we were playing with them my companion brought his Football that we were going to play Rugby with. Well, we didn´t have enough people or space to play real Rugby so we improvised. The goal was that one person would throw the ball to another and then that person had to run it into the goal. There were three of the kids that were going to try and tackle the person. My companion threw the ball to me and I had two of the kids hanging off of me while I was walking into the goal. That was a lot of fun and interesting.

I´ll try to write more next week.


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