Monday, December 2, 2013

Transfer Day: Michael and Companion Stay! Others Say Goodbye for Now

Dear Dad,

Thanks for the updates and the support. I really appreciate them both. It´s cool that you had a good Thanksgiving and everything. That is a crazy story from Brandan! Today is transfer day, my trainer and I are still staying here in Trelew together, but two of the other companionships are changing. Elder Smedley, the Elder that I speak to all the time and am really good friends with now had to say goodbye to his trainer today. That was hard for them both. One of our zone leaders is also going to change. Our new zone leader is going to be one of my companions old companions. That will be interesting to see. 

Elders Sirrine, Smedley, Jara, and Salas

 My investigators are doing good. One, Sergio, is getting things set up so that he can divorce his old wife, get married with his new girlfriend and get baptized. I don´t know how long that will take but he´s already started the process and he is progressing awesomely. We also found a new girl this last week that we started teaching. She´s a friend of Natalia, my recent baptism, the problem with her is that her parents are really devout Jehova´s witnesses and I don´t think that they like other religions or would like if she joined our church. That´s a little bit of a stumbling block but I think that she seemed interested and felt something while we were teaching her. I hope that things with her work out. As far as things with me I´m adjusting to missionary life and to Argentina just fine, my companion and I are getting along great and I´m enjoying every day. I just can´t beleive that I´ve already been here for a whole transfer. Time goes by so fast and one Elder told me that after a year time will go by even faster. I just hope that I can do good things here. The language is going awesomely for me right now. I shared a scripture message with Enrique, a really recent convert that my companion and I love, and after I shared it he congratulated me on how much my ability to speak has improved and he congratulatd my companion for teaching me and helping me. One weird thing that happened with them is that the niece of Enrique´s wife has a lot of weird problems right now. They were telling us the story of what all was going on with her and I think that she´s posessed by spirits or something. They said that the Bishop and the Stake President have given her two blessings and talking to them they said that when they gave her the first blessing they could feel that something was really wrong and that there was something really different about this girl. Melina, Enrique´s wife, said that one Elder or someone told her that there´s an ordinance that is used to cast out devils. It´s not just a regular blessing. I had no idea before that there was anything like that and right now I don´t really know if I totally beleive that. We don´t have anything like that in our White Bible and I have never heard of anything like casting out spirits outside of the Bible. Enrique and his wife are going to go up to Tucuman, where the rest of the family is, to visit over Christmas and to see if they can help them with anything. I hoep that everything goes well with them. As for me playing the piano I am now the unofficial pianist of my ward because nobody else can play. I have been playing the piano in sacrament since the first Sunday that I got here and it has been going really well for me. That´s all the updates for this week I think. I´ll tell you more next week. Thank you for the prayers and support, I really appreciate them.

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