Monday, December 9, 2013

P-Day, Soccer Ball and Gangs

Dear Mom,

I´m glad that everything is going well with you guys and that you´re all enjoying the Christmas season. Thanks for the updates of the family and everything. I hope that all goes well with Zander being a ref. I hope that things go well for you and the choir and for Naiah. It´s cool that she´s playing the piano now. Up til two days ago I thought I wasn´t going to have anywhere to go for Christmas but now we have a less active family that has invited us to spend Christmas with them. I think it´s going to be a lot of fun. The oldest daughter of that family is preparing to go on a mission some time in the next year I think. She´s been going out with the sister missionaries and everything. I think that if she does go on her mission her family will activate. I just hope that all works out well. I´m looking forward to spending Christmas with them because even if they aren´t my family they´re still an awesome family and I love them. It´ll be interesting though.
The only other update that I have is that I bought myself a soccer ball and that we´ve got a group of like 12 youth that we´re talking to about the gospel. They come from the streets though so they´re a more rough crowd and the language they use is far from clean. It would be cool though if we could teach them. I don´t know how that´s all going to pan out. Hopefully for the best.
Love, Michael.
Elder Sirrine's Planner

Dear Dad,

I think it would be awesome if my next transfer was to Ushuaia. Then I could see the glaciers and the lighthouse at the end of the world and the area would be much safer and probably greener. I think that would be awesome. Thanks for the updates and the scripture, I love getting them both. It´s awesome. A typical P-day starts with study and then around noon we head out to go to the cyber where I email you guys. After the cyber we meet up with a couple other missionaries go and eat and then we play soccer or some other sport in the stake center. If we aren´t playing a sport we´r out buying food and all the other things that we need for the week. At about 6 we´re back at the pension and then we head out to work. I haven´t gone to the beach yet but I have recently heard about a really beautiful beach that´s pretty close. We may go soon. I think I can carry mace but I don´t have any and usually if you crouch down and look like you´re going to pick up a rock the dogs will turn tail and run. The arcades are like a normal arcade in the states maybe just a little more beat up. The Cybers are just buildings that have a lot of computers and a little bit of privacy so you can do what you want without everybody else seeing. My investigators are doing good. The only problem that I have right now is that they need to go to church. One can´t go because she´s got health problems and because she has to babysit her grandchildren and we can´t swing by to help her because then she feels obligated to go and doesn´t like that. The other just needs to get divorced and remarried and then he´ll go. He feels a bit of shame to assist now because he can´t participate in the sacrament. But I think that things are going well with him getting stuff ready to for that. I´m not sure though.
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My cool experience for the week is that we did divisions on Tuesday and I went to the other area in my district with Elder Caceres. He arrived the same time I did but is from Chile and so can speak better than me. With him I had like four or five lessons and we did a couple of contacts. It was a productive day. They have an area called la mil which means one thousand. It´s an apartment complex that is kind of like a maze. It was kind of crazy walking through there. I think there are also a lot of gangs in their area too because we heard a lot of noises that sounded like bombs or gunshots. It was a lot more ghetto than my area. But, it was a fun experience and it was cool to talk to him. We also watched a video called the Butterfly Circus which is a really cool inspirational movie. It´s like 20minutes long and I think it´s on Youtube. You guys should watch it. That´s all for this week. Love you guys tons!
Love, Michael

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