Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

Dear Mom,

Thank you for the updates about the family and how you are all doing. I will see if I can push it back til 9 your time but we´ll have to see how it goes. Right now I know that it´ll be between 8 and 10 your time so just be ready as close to 8 as you can and be watching the computer. I didn´t know that that was the story of the Christmas talent show. That is really funny. Thanks for sharing it. Yesterday in our interviews with President Rogers we did a little activity where we read the Christmas story and sang all the songs in Spanish. It was way cool and I really liked it. I definitely felt the Spirit and it gave me a new appreciation for Christmas. We ended talking about the gifts that we can give to the Savior and how all that he asks of us is us. He already has everything and has given us everything so all that we can give to him is our all and as missionaries we are doing that for the 2 years or 18 months that we serve Him. It was a way cool message to have. Hope you guys all have a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy spending it together. Wish I could be with you and I miss you guys tons.

Lots of love, Michael
Missionary tool for teaching the youth
Dear Dad,

Thanks for the quote from Elder Holland and the update. I appreciate them both. I also really appreciate the pictures. It makes me smile when I see you guys. The update for me this week is that I had a member in the ward here that we have become really good friends with recently doing service tell me that I have lost a noticeable amount of weight. I didn´t realize I had dropped that many pounds. She also gave us a cherry pie for dessert yesterday after lunch. It´s interesting to see how the Lord has provided for us. Every day that we haven´t had a lunch and when we don´t have any food in our apartment someone always gives us a meal. And yesterday our planned lunch cancelled on us right before church ended and we were going to head over there. But this family, the Carota family, was right there and were able to give us lunch. We have been doing a lot of service for them the last couple of weeks because 90% of the people here have left for their vacations to visit family and friends for the holidays. We really can´t find anyone in their homes anymore. The Carota´s however haven´t and probably won´t travel for a while so we´ve been able to do stuff with them. They´re really good friends of ours now. I have also learned a lot of the things that you can do with cherries. Because here in Trelew it´s Cherry season so everywhere you look people are selling Cherries and families have tons of Cherries. Hermano Carota got gifted about 6 crates full of Cherries that my companion and I have helped him pit and prepare to make Cherry Jam and other things. He made one recipe that is called Dulce de Cerezas which I don´t think translates to English very well that is just Cherries and sugar but when cooked tastes like it has cinnamon in it. It´s way good. But, right now I am about done with Cherries for a while. They´re good but I can´t eat too many for too long. I´m sick of Cherries. The only other cool thing from this week is that we had our interviews with President Rogers yesterday which were awesome! I love talking to him and he was super helpful with answering all of my questions and giving advice. His wife also told me that I look a lot tanner than when I first got here which is good to know for me. I didn´t think I could really get tan. We also talked about how our training is going and if we would change anything about the intro to the mission when we first showed up. I told them that the program for training is really basic and boring and because our little DVD player has been broken for 2 weeks we haven´t really been able to follow it too much but I have done all of the things that I was supposed to do anyway which is cool. Outside of that not a whole lot is going on here. It´s almost Christmas and I still don´t believe it and I am still hot every day. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and I look forward to talking to you guys tomorrow. 

Love, Michael
 Dear Dad,

Thanks for setting up my Skype account and for giving me the information. You guys are the best. The Zone is going to get together on the 25th to do something for the whole day I think and I´m pretty sure that we´re meeting up on the 24th after midnight to watch the fireworks and be together. It should be a lot of fun. I am going to be skypeing from one of the internet cafes. I think I can push the time to between noon and 2 p.m. my time. Anything other than that wouldn´t work for us because at about 5 we´re supposed to be with the family we´re going to spend Christmas with. So between 8 and 10 is when I´m going to Skype you guys. Look forward to seeing you then.

Love, Michael

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