Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Elder Sirrine's district lighting fireworks
Dear Dad,

Thanks for the message and everything. I love you guys tons. This year my Christmas was good but it wasn´t very special. I spent Christmas Day with my district. We played soccer and ping pong, messed around with fireworks and we ate lunch together. There was nothing that was open on that day. It was terrible because we don´t really have food in our apartment right now. I have a video of what we did with the Fireworks but it´s too big to send in an email. I´ll see if I can send it to you guys another way. I´ll try putting it on Dropbox and from there kendall will be able to see it and show it to you guys. I´ll let her know that she has it on Dropbox too. I´m also putting the video I took of the fireworks on Christmas Eve. That was pretty cool to see even if there really weren´t a whole ton of fireworks. The people here have been saying that it´s less and less every year and I think the problem is the price of the fireworks. They are expensive and a lot of people don´t think it´s worth it. I still thought it was really cool. One sad thing that I have realized this year is that Christmas is actually a harder time for missionaries. At least in my area, because the people all leave for vacations or they are excited just to celebrate, drink and have fireworks. It´s sad that they don´t have the spirit of Christmas and that they don´t realize how important it really is for us. The family that we spent Christmas eve with is a very less active family and I think they have also started to drink alcohol. I felt really awkward being there and they had a lot of friends and family come that neither I nor my companion knew. It was awkward and we were both happy to leave but the food was amazing. My companion has the pictures of the Asado that they cooked. I´ll ask him to send me those because I didn´t feel comfortable asking for a picture. I will get pictures of what we do for New Years though. I think that will be a lot better because we´re going to spend that day with the missionaries in our zone. I hope that will turn out better than  Christmas Eve did. I´m pretty sure it will. But, after the awkward party with the family we went and spent the night with our zone and played Uno til about 3 in the morning. That was a ton more fun! I love the missionaries! So, my Christmas started awkward and ended good. I also had a lot of good food so I can´t complain. I´m still loving Argentina and loving my mission. Miss you guys tons and love you all lots.

Love, Michael
Youth Soccer Players
Dear Mom,

Thanks for the email and the updates about the family. I hope you and Dad enjoy your anniversary. Have a wonderful year and I hope that you guys are able to achieve all of your goals. I miss you guys tons and love you all.
Love, Michael

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