Monday, November 11, 2013

Third P-Day, at the Arcade

Dear Dad,

Sounds like things are great at home. I think it takes about a month for letters to get to me here. It could be more or less but about a month seems average. Thanks for the support. Also, my apartment is on Santa Fe and Rio Negro, it´s pretty far from the chapel. Hope that helps you find it.

Love, Michael

P-Day at the Arcade, Elder Smedley The pool shark
Dear Callista,

Our investigator, Natalia is 14 years old and Maria is almost 80. We are teaching the grandchildren of Maria. We also found a new investigator yesterday. We are also going to get an investigator from the sisters who were tracting in our area.

Love, Michael

Dear Naiah,

Thanks for the love and support. I hope you have fun at school and I will definitely send you a picture of the penguins.

Love, Michael

Elder Sirrine's first district in Trelew, Argentina. At the Arcade
Dear mom,

I´m glad that things are going well for all of you guys at home. Things are starting to look up here too. I´ve got a baptism set for Saturday with Natalia and on Thursday I´m going to Punto Tombo to see the penguins! I think that´s going to be awesome. The other really awesome thing that has started to happen is that I´ve started to talk more to people. I think my Spanish has improved a ton and I look forward to having cool experiences to share with you guys.

Love, Michael

Dear Mom,

I´m glad that you guys are having fun there at home and that you got to see Lynette and Tyler. I´m also glad that everything went well with the choir on Sunday. Thanks for the prayers and the support. They mean a lot.

Love, Michael

The Elders at the Arcade
Dear Isabel,

I´m glad you like it. I love you too and on Thursday I will take a picture with a penguin if everything works out how we´ve got it planned. Thanks for the quote of the week. It´s a good one. Just stick it through school and eventually you can do something awesome too. I do remember Narnia. It´s good that you don´t have snow but I´m walking around in Summer weather here. It´s tons of fun.

Love you!


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