Monday, November 4, 2013

Week Two in Trelew

Dear mom,
Things are going pretty well here. It sounds like you guys all had a great Halloween. I´m glad things are going well for all of you back at home. To answer your questions. Yes I do like what I´ve seen of Argentina, it´s pretty cool. The houses and buildings here look beat down on the outside but are really nice on the inside which was odd at first. My companion is pretty cool, he´s from Peru but has lived in Argentina basically his whole life, he has one older sister and one younger sister, he´s been a missionary for 8 months, he´s an awesome missionary. I am obeying the rules. I don´t find it hard to be with him the entire day. I am not tired over the jet lag. I love the food it is amazing! I just wish that I could try more of the meat but the people in my área are very poor and we don´t get a lot more than variations on pasta. I don´t have a topic to discuss yet and my favorite scripture right now is Mark 1:1-somewhere in those verses Jesús teaches an awesome lesson very simply.
I´m trying to enjoy my time. My favorite experience thus far has been in the house of Enrique. He´s a recent convert and he and his wife are amazing! We got to share a message with them and I was able to speak calmly, clearly and it was spiritual. I felt very proud of myself. That´s the only really cool thing that´s happened to me so far. The members are great even if 90% of them are inactive. One of my investigators, Natalia, is going to be baptized sometime this month. I look forward to that.
I love you guys a ton and miss you lots.

Elder Sirrine's first apartment

Elder's Kitchen

Elder's bedroom
 Dear Dad,
You got to me just before I stopped emailing. We are four hours ahead of Utah time now that daylight saving time is over in the U.S. I don´t have any interesting stories yet I´ll let you guys know when I have anything cool. My Ward is Parque dos and outside of that I don´t know the adresses of the church or my apartment. They´re both on the Street Rio Negro which hopefully helps. I´m about an hour away from the ocean in my área right now. Thanks for your email it really helped and I love the scripture. Thank you so much for the help dad. I will definitely tell you if anything cool happens to me and I´ll share my stories.
Love you guys,

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