Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 17: Elder Sirrine Gets His First Baptism, The Trelew Zones Go to Punta Tombo (Megellan Penguin Beach)

Dear Mom,

The baptism was awesome! I loved it. It took less than an hour to get to the penguins. No, just the two zones in Trelew. It was fun to see other missionaries.

Elder Sirrine, Maria, Natalia, Ward Mission Leader, and Elder Salas

Natalia just baptized.

To Callista: It was about 5 hours. The best food I have eaten here is the Empanadas or the milanesa.

To Max: I´ve seen about 6 different animals. And my Spanish is coming along great.
Wild Lamas

Magellan Penguin at Punta Tombo

Penguin on egg nest

Penguins hanging out at Punta Tombo

Wild ostriche type bird

To Naiah: We´re both doing awesome.

Love you guys too. Love, Michael

 Dear Dad,

I love you too. Things are going great here. It was awesome to see the penguings at Punta Tombo! Thanks for the Prayers. I did get your really long email but I didn´t have time to read all of it. Thanks for the package. I get 900 pesos each month and it lasts pretty well until the last week. Thanks dad. My pension is on Rio Negro and between Santa Fe and Cuba. Those are the street names. I hope that helps a bit. I´m glad Brandon is home safe. I can Skype on Christmas I just need to figure out when and I need an account.

Love, Michael

Dear Mom,

I´m glad that things are going well for all of you guys at home. It´s sad that Zander didn´t make the team though. I had my first baptism this week and we changed our ward mission leader. He is awesome and I think that the ward is going to grow a lot now. I am definitely looking forward to working with him. Outside of that not a whole lot has happened saw the penguins on Thursday and there were a ton. I also got to be in the Ranger with one of the assistants and he drove about 100 mph down the freeway. That was crazy! And the crazier thing is that President Rogers drove even faster! Fun times in Argentina! Thanks for the prayers and support. I love you guys a ton!

Love, Michael

View at Punta Tombo of Atlantic Ocean

Elder Sirrine at Punta Tombo Argentina
Elder Salas and Elder Sirrine at Punta Tombo

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