Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Transfer Fun

Dear Family,
Thanks for the emails and the updates about you. It´s always nice to hear about what you are learning and what things are happening and I love getting pictures. I have recently had a lot of problems with the memory card on my camera and it now has a virus or something so it doesn't show my pictures on the computer nor my camera. So, I´m going to see what I can do about fixing that or getting the pictures from somebody else. 
This week was transfer week. I have a new companion, his name is Elder Applegate and we are basically the same person. We look similar and we are both quiet people. So, this is going to be a fun transfer. I introduced him to a family yesterday the Flia Rotondo (the best family ever that is now my adopted Argentine family) and the hermana said that he was my twin. I´m pretty excited about that. 
We are still in the same area as always. My last comp Elder Cardwell went to Trelew on Monday at about 10 and then I was with the zone leaders in the terminal ´til about 10:30 at night. It was a long day. But, we did a lot of fun things. We went out to eat with the office Elders to a restaurant called the Vaca Loca, crazy cow. They sell super good Milanesa sandwiches for a really decent price. That was a good lunch. Then after lunch we played around with blow dart guns that we made out of PVC pipe and nerf darts. That was a lot of fun. Me and Elder Tingey got one Elder pinned in a room and we took turns shooting at him, it was a bit mean but it´s really fun. Then that night we had to sleep in the zone leaders pension because Elder Soto was going to the airport at nine and Elder Tingey was going to be with other Elders in the terminal at eight. But, that fell apart and I ended up in at 6:30 finding Elder Tingey and Elder Soto in the zone leaders pension sleeping in two different places. That was fun. Then we went to the terminal and picked up the elders that got here today and we ate breakfast and lunch with the Zone leaders. I am getting a lot better at making pancakes from scratch and they seem every time more similar to American pancakes.
As for the rest of the week there were a lot of sad goodbyes from Elder Cardwell and the members. An asado to say goodbye to Elder Soto and a lot of really good but bad for me food. I have eaten so much in the last couple of days and now my stomach feels bad. But, I am happy and I think things are going to be normal soon. Love you all tons and hope you have a great week!


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