Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Dear Family,
Caleta Cordoba Walkway
This week has been fun for us. We are getting everything ready for the baptism that we are going to have on Saturday and that has been a bit of a struggle. Lots of fun problems. But things are all working out for us. And outside of that the only thing that really happened this week is that we went fishing today. That´s why I´m writing right now. A hermano took us to Caleta Cordoba, it´s a bit north of Comodoro city. There we went on a bridge over the ocean and fished as the tide came in. That was awesome. Between four Elders we took out 100+ fish. I caught about 24. This was also the first time that Elder Cardwell caught a fish too. It was a really fun time. 

Caleta Cordoba Fishing

Smelt, a common fish

We all came away a bit burned though which was the bad thing. Really grateful for the sunscreen that kept it from being worse. And that´s about it for the week. We´re going to baptize our investigator on Saturday and I am excited for that. And not much else is new. Love you guys and hope you have a fun week!

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