Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 email and pics from the MTC

These are some pictures of my companion, my host (in the black shirt) and of my teacher. Hermano Haug. He left the MTC though which is really sad.


Elder Sirrine and his teacher Hermano Haug and his companion Elder Tingey


Elder Sirrine and his MTC Host, I think the Host acts as an investigator.



Elder Sirrine and his MTC District


Elder Sirrine and his MTC teacher “Hermano Haug”


The MTC cafeteria. A place of full filling reflection.


The MTC classroom where the learning is intense.

The language is going great! I am nearly conversationally fluent and I've heard that within three months out in the field I'll be fluent. I have heard nothing on my Visa or departure date, from what I've seen though I think that they tell most missionaries about that on their last week in the MTC. I'll let you know when I hear anything more.


An MTC Zone that is leaving for their missions in Argentina

Dear, Callista

Thank you so much for the picture! I love it! I'm so happy that you are learning to read, write and do math. Keep doing good in school and keep being a good girl. I love you tons and miss you a lot.

Love, Michael

Hey mom,

Conference was the BEST!!! I felt the spirit so strongly and I knew that a lot of the talks were specifically for missionaries and I felt loved. It was the best. To quote Brayden it's like spiritual Christmas. I loved Elder Eyring's talks but I think that one of my favorites was in the Priesthood session, maybe? Elder Uchtdorf talked about standing up every time we fall down we need to get right  back up and keep going. But sometimes it's hard to stand up on our own. During those times we usually have people come along and say, "You can get up now." And then just like that we're up and running along again.

That was a good message for me because I know that here in the MTC when you are happy you are really happy and when you start to feel a little down it feels like you are depressed. All of my emotions are a lot more powerful and to have that talk say that sometimes we just need a little bit of help and that the Savior is ready to help us all the time was a huge boost to me.

I'm glad you all enjoyed my letters and I love getting all of the packages.

I love you guys too and I'm glad that things are going well at home.

Lots of love, Michael

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