Tuesday, October 15, 2013

As far as news from me I have put on 8 pounds of muscle and am starting to get  6 pack! I'm so proud and happy right now! I think that at the end of my mission I'm going to be super fit. I also got my travel plans! I'm leaving Wednesday of next week and I'm going to be in the airport and able to call in the morning sometime before noon. i will arrive in Argentina on Friday of next week at some crazy time in the morning. It's going to be fun to travel for two days. it'll be like 17 hours on plane and 21 hours on bus. Fun times.

As far as spiritual things go I have a new love for Mormon messages. One of them that I watched and loved was from Elder D. Todd Cristofferson it's a three part video that talks about our "Daily Bread". He said that it's no accident that we need daily physical sustenance. The Lord made it so that we would remember him. With the Israelites in the desert He gave them their daily sustenance in the form of Manna, it came from heaven and didn't last more than a day. That way they had a constant daily reminder that the Lord is and was their provider. For us our Manna is more spiritual than physical. Just like we can't go for a while without eating and drinking without having problems we can't expect to not read our scriptures and pray without having spiritual problems. We need to pray and study the scriptures daily to get our "Manna" from the Lord. He also said that during the hard times of our life we shouldn't pray for a miracle. We need not think far into the future. We should just focus on the day to day things in life and pray for the strength to get through one day. And then start over again the next day. If we do that before we know it we'll have gotten through our trials and be to the point that we can be hapy again. I think that's what I'm going to apply to my mission. I'll pray for the strength to get through one day at a time and it'll be alright.

Love all of you guys,

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