Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last week in the MTC; Heading for Argentina October 23, 2013


Thanks for the advice Mom! I will let you know if I have any questions.

The apostle that came to the MTC to talk to us was Elder Oaks. It was way cool to hear him talk! I learned a ton from him. The coolest thing that I've learned over the last week was that the guy who wrote Praise to the man, W. W. Phelps was the best friend of Joseph Smith and a way strong convert but because of some things he did wrong he got excommunicated from the church. After that he went and testified against Joseph Smith and the other leaders of the church and was the main reason they got sent to Liberty Jail. Then, years later some missionaries found him and he had had a huge change of heart. Things in his life were really not going well. He talked to the missionaries and tried to get them to send a letter to Joseph for him but the missionaries said that they would write a letter and he would write a letter and they would send them together. The letters that they wrote to Joseph Smith were really powerful and spiritual. I would recommend that you look them up. In the end W. W. Phelps was reaccepted into the church and was in Carthage with Joseph Smith and would have died except he got sent away. The song Praise to the man was written after Joseph died. It's got so much more meaning for me now. I love it.

Love, Michael




Dear Dad,

I'm gald you all are excited. I am super ecited! It's crazy! I'm pretty much over my homesickness for now but I don't know if that will change. All of my district is leaving at the same time and four of us, including me and my companion are going down to Comodoro Rivadavia. There are also three sisters going down with us. I will get you the flight numbers later today. I will have plenty of time to call you guys. I will definitely contact you guys when I get to the mission home. I will be careful. Thanks dad.

That's awessome! I think that sounds like a good bishopric. Congrats on the calling too! I think you'll do a great job.

Love, Michael

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