Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zone Conference Fun

Dear family,

Thanks for all of the pictures and for the emails. I really do love hearing from all of you. It´s also crazy to see how much the house has changed from what I remember. It´s weird.

Ushuaiah Zone
My updates from this week are that first, we had conference with our mission president on Friday and the coolest part of the conference was when we learned to use a truly random verse from the book of mormon to help an investigator find an answer to their question. That was hard, funny and really good practice for teaching with the scriptures and following the spirit. The worst part of the conference was when I had to stand up and teach all of the missionaries in the zone about MMT it´s a program that our mission president started where once a week the missionaries go out with the members to visit less actives with the goal of a temple. I talked to them about the preparation for the visit and how it can make things a lot better for all the people involved. It was really suckish having to teach all of them and I was super nervous but apparently it turned out really well and people commented on that. Then we had a conference Saturday and Sunday with a visiting 70, Elder Spannaus. He´s from Argentina and I have to say it was really interesting listening to him speak. The problem was that I had to sit towards the back both times I listened to him because of transport issues and so we couldn´t really hear him very well. But what I did hear was totally awesome. One thing that he said that I really liked was when he talked about repentance and forgiveness that when God forgives He forgets and He doesn´t want us sitting around with the memory of our guilt either. He shared the story of Alma the younger and his miraculous repentance and it was awesome.

Elder Sirrine

Sea Lions on Island in the Beagle Channel
Lighthouse on Island in Beagle Channel

Elder Sirrine on Boat Light House in Background

Elders Sirrine and Bartlett
And then the last update from the week is that today we went on the boats to see the lighthouse at the end of the world. That was totally fun and freaking amazing. I got to see sea lions, the lighthouse, be on a boat and we got off at one of the islands to take pictures. It was a really fun trip and I absolutely enjoyed it. The only weird thing was that there was a group of school kids on the boat too and they all wanted to take pictures with the gringoes. It was cool to be popular but it wasn´t really awesome. And after that we went to a soccer field and played for a while which was awesome. I really missed playing soccer, it´s been a while since I´ve played a lot.

And the other cool thing that I just thought of is that we did divisions on Saturday with the Elders from Rio Grande, another city. And we saw miracles. I taught three lessons in three hours which almost doesn´t happen and it was really spiritual too. I have to say divisions always bring miracles. It´s kind of crazy how different a missionary works with a different companion or in a different area. Pretty spectacular. That´s all for me this week. Love you all tons! Hope your week goes well too.


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