Friday, October 17, 2014

Service and Miracles in The Monte Olivia District

Dear Family,

Thanks for all of the updates about the family. It´s great to hear that you all are well and that things are going good at home. Also, thanks for sending me the conference talks. As to skypeing I don´t know where I´m going to do it yet. I´m pretty sure that I won´t be in Ushuaia but I think that if you send me the camera I should be able to download the software. I think that the most likely would be that we find a person or place with cameras to use. But, if you want to send me one I won´t say no.

My updates from this week are that we tried to hike up to the glacier today which is why I´m writing as late as I am. It´s been super cold and snowy here for the last couple of days but we´ve been fine. Today on our hike up we were hiking on the mountain through 6 inches of snow into a storm. I had a blast. We´re all wet cold and tired but it was fun. At the end we didn´t manage to get to the glacier because one of the guides at a station towards the top told us we still had a good long walk and the storm would make it really dangerous. We still got to play in the snow and some of the elders made a snowman. It was a very fun and productive P-day.

Also, on Friday I got to do a couple of service activities. It´s been a while since I´ve done service. We helped a member move a bunch of logs, it was hard work and Elder Smith (who´s new) had a log roll down the hill at him and he almost didn´t get out of the way and almost had his ankle crushed by the log. That was kind of scary but the rest was fun and difficult. The other service we got to do was to help another person move into a new house. They are moving into our ward and are a part member family, the husband is an investigator, so we´re going to see how that goes down for the Elders in that area. 
Spring in Ushuaia

Mountain Homes

Also, we had a bit of a miracle for our district. On Sunday two people came to church for the second time and seem really interested in the church. They are students of one of the members that teaches dance, they seem like really awesome investigators which means that my district may have baptisms this transfer. I´m really looking forward to that. I hope it happens that would be freaking awesome for my branch. 

And outside of that everything is going well here. My comp and I are doing the work as best we can but it has gotten harder to do it since I got here. I don´t know why but stuff just falls through a lot more for us than it used too. But we keep moving forward doing as much as we can and things are looking up. I´m pretty happy with my area. Love you all tons and hope you have a great week!

Lots of love,

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