Thursday, September 26, 2013

Patagonia Region of Argentina

The Patagonia region rests on the southern portion of South America, partially in connection with Argentina and Chile. Since it was discovered, and word of its scenery was told, it has awakened fascination, curiosity, and desire for the remote, untouched, and mysterious. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and it is not mimicked anywhere else in the world.

Comodoro Rivadavia is the largest port city in the Patagonia region. Elder Sirrine’s mision home is based in this city pictured below

“ End of the World” Ushuaia is the southern most city in Argentina but not the southern most in the Comodoro Rivadavia mission. The tip near Cape Horn is part of Chile but is in his mission and it has  a military base/town named Puerto Williams. It is port of entry and major hub for scientific activity linked to Antarctica and the islands south of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego which is Spanish for “Fireland”
The southernmost city in the world is mainly a slogan used for tourism to attract visitors to the city as well as the tourists headed for Antarctica. Currently three cities or towns use this slogan: Ushuaia in Argentina as well as Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams in Chile. There are several more settlements further south but none are considered to be large enough to be classified as a 'city'.

(From top to bottom; from left to right) View of Ushuaia from the harbor; Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse; Malvinas War Memorial; Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atántico Sur government building and the port.
Motto: "Ushuaia, fin del mundo, principio de todo" (Spanish)
"Ushuaia, end of the world, beginning of everything"

The Patagonia region expands just south of the Colorado river in Argentina, wedged in between the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. You can really get a feel for what nature looks like unscathed by man. It is a primitive, serene, raw, and awesome nature.

The semi-arid plateaus of the Eastern part of the Patagonia region are surreal to look at. The Western mountain ranges have deep valleys and canyons, are overspread with trees, and they are topped with snow and dotted with glaciers and lakes. The various elements’ combinations are what’s so breathtaking. It’s seeing all this raw nature in its purest form.

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  1. I'm told at the very tip of Argentina you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet and they are slightly different in color