Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Family group hug
By now you have settled into a room and been assigned a companion and had orientation and started language learning classes. Let us know if you need anything sent through the mail. You will be allowed to email us on your assigned Prep-day while you do your laundry. If there is some kind of food missing from the food offerings in the cafeteria etc let us know. You will get my first email on your p-day because I sent it to your email. But this Dear Elder site gets a letter into your box that day. The girls and Max all started to cry as we pulled away from the MTC since it really hit them then as to what was really happening. They all sent emails right when we got home. As long as you are at the MTC we will have everyone sent letters through the Dear Elder service so you can read them during the week. We don't want to distract you too much but a few letters each day I would think will be nice. And an occasional package. Take on the mantle of missionary as your Grandpa said at the setting apart. You are commissioned as a special representative of the Lord starting last Tuesday night. Let us know your thoughts and all about the district and your companion and roommates. We love you very much and are so proud of your decision to serve and your worthiness. Study hard, keep the spirit and have fun. This is an exciting time.

Elder Sirrine with all that stuff

Zander says good-bye

Mom's last big hug

Elder Sirrine is off on his way
Isabel, Max, Callista  and Naiah know Elder Sirrrine is gone

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