Friday, September 20, 2013

MTC companion Elder Tingey

Elder Michael Sirrine said on Monday September 16, 2016, “…Speaking of stories my companion Elder Tingey is blind in his left eye because he somehow got Chicken Pox in his eyes. He doesn't know how that happened but it makes for an interesting fact/story about him. Also I am singing in the MTC choir and the choir director told us about Joseph Smith and said that both the devil and the Savior had their eyes on him throughout his life. He almost died several times but was saved by random people, and the infection in his leg originally started in his shoulder. When they lanced the wound to drain the pus the infection then spread to his leg and the skin swelled so much that it was taut. The only way he could get relief was by someone massaging his leg and his older brother, Hyram, I think, would stay up all night massaging his leg so he didn't have to  be in as much pain. After a while the doctors said they'd have to cut his leg off but his mother knew he needed his leg for something important. One of the few men in the country that was performing this new bone surgery was in his area. That saved his leg. I also learned that he studied the scriptures for two years before he found James 1:5, and he pondered about that for a while before he chose the spot that he was going to ask god. He chose the grove a while before he went and prayed. I also learned that there are eight different accounts of the first vision given by him to different people that all included different amounts of detail.

MTC 006

Elder Tingey, Elder Sirrine’s MTC companion

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