Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

Dear Family,

This week has been a bit odd for us. We had the opportunity to help our Bishop and one of our investigators build parts of a kitchen. That was a lot of fun, we got to chisel walls, dig pits, and we helped put up drywall. The sad thing is that our investigator is going to Misiones (northern Argentina) for the holidays but he is going to come back for a week or two in January to finish the kitchen and then he´s going home forever. It was good to say goodbye to him though. 

We also helped the bishop from another ward who lives in our area with some service as well. We helped clean out his backyard a lot and we started to help him dig out the foundation of his house because the wood is starting to rot. His house wasn´t built well by the person who owned it first. That was a lot of work and it was a lot of fun. That bishop (his last name is Jerez) Has a lot of family over and on Sunday we got to eat lunch with them which turned out to be a very spiritual experience. His family are all converts to the church and his mom and one of his brothers started telling us their life stories basically. They have had some crazy experiences, when  his mom started investigating the church her oldest son (now the bishop) got Meningitis and they had him in the hospital. She said that the only thing that she could remember about the missionaries was that they could give blessings so they called the Elders and they gave her son a blessing. Her son was basically in a coma before and when the Elders blessed him his eyes started to twitch and she knew that he was going to be okay. Then, about five years ago, she had a grandson that died at 10 that wasn´t baptized because her daughter and her son in law are really against the church. But, she took his name to the temple and did his work and she said that she could feel her grandson there with her and when she told her son in law that she had done the work for his son she said that he could also feel the spirit and that he has started softening his heart to come back to the church. And then they told us that we were exemplary sons of God and that missionaries are valiant because the mission is like going to the frontlines of the war. It was a really cool lunch and the food was delicious which is a plus.
Mission Christmas Card

Comodoro North Zone

The other thing that happened this week is that we have started knocking all of the doors in our area and it has been interesting. We haven´t seen any miracles yet but it has been hard to keep going. The patagonia is a really cold place in terms of people. Nobody trusts anybody and very few people really want to talk about God. So, as we contact we get rejected more often than not and it wears on you. But we keep going because we know why we´re here and what we have that the people need. I have also been talking to my companion a lot about that this week too and one thing that I found in my personal study that helped me a lot. It is in Alma chapter 21 which talks about Aaron and his mission. When he started all he found were people that mocked him for his beliefs and kicked him out of various different cities and he ended up in jail, starved and bound when Ammon came and freed him. But, after he bore with patience his afflictions it says that the Lord started to bless them and they were able to do great things. That is the hope that I have, that I can bear my afflictions and that you can all endure the hard times so that we can get to the part where the Lord blesses us. There is a light at the end of every tunnel you just have to hold on long enough for the light to appear.

Also, I am looking forward to Christmas and I am going to Skype you all on the 25th at about 11 my time. Which should be 7 in the morning for you. Look forward to seeing you all! Love you tons!


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