Monday, May 19, 2014

New Companion and MTC reunion

Dear Family,

Some of Elder Sirrine's MTC District
Momo the troll
Elder Sirrine's Comodoro North Zone
This week has been the week of goodbyes. My companion is going to Pico Truncado and I am staying here. It´s going to be interesting to have a new companion. Outside of that nothing really happened this week. We did an intense service project on Saturday digging a hole in a mountain to put in a garage and I was dead afterward. It´s been a long time since I´ve done manual labor like that. But it was good to do service and then afterward we went out for ice cream. We ate two kilos in 30 min between 6 guys. It was amazing. The weather is getting colder here too. To the point that I wear a coat or a sweater every day. I am totally loving it, the cold is the best. Also, P-day in Rada Tilly. We went to the beach at high tide so there wasn´t a whole lot of space to play soccer but it was still fun and then we went to a park and I found monkey bars and swings built for adults. That was probably the greatest discovery I have made in Argentina. It was an amazing way to spend my birthday. And the hermanas were with us too up til Hermana Bollwinkel fell down and hurt her pride and her butt. It was sad to see her hurt but was fun otherwise. I love my zone! And that´s about all that happened this week. I hope you all had a great week and that you all have fun. I´ll write more next week. Love you all!
Zone at the beach in Rada Tilly
Elders at the beach in Rada Tilly

Love, Michael

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